Your stepfather is waiting, are you ready?

Yes mother

And what are you going to do?

Anything daddy tells me to do

Good girl. He’s wanted you since the moment he saw you, did you know that?



When he picked me up for our first date, you were wearing a little bikini and on your way to the beach when I introduced you. You looked up at him with your big green eyes and I watched as he looked your eighteen year old body up and down. Did it make your pussy wet to look into his eyes that day?

I…I don’t remember…I think so.


Well you made his cock so hard, that we didn’t even go to dinner. After you left we went into the house he grabbed me by my throat and made me look into his eyes. I couldn’t look away, I just fell to my knees and began to rip my clothes off…I couldn’t resist him, I just stared up into his eyes and did as I was told. He made me degrade myself for his pleasure and after he made me cum so many times that I couldn’t think straight anymore he made me beg for his cum…


Did he cum mommy?

He said there was one price I had to pay to receive his cum. Do you know what that was?


You sweetheart. He made me swear to him that I would turn my own teenage daughter into his fucktoy…his slave. Does that make your pussy wet?

Y…yes mommy…

I can feel that….You look very good for your new daddy, no more slutty clothes for you, he wants you to dress respectable for school. Now have a good first day of class with daddy and when I get home from work I want you to show me everything you learned so I can be rewarded for serving my master.

Yes mother. Thank you mother.

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