“Mommy please!” Alisa pleaded as she squirmed underneath her mother, “I need to see daddy….I need his cock….please let me go mommy!” Mrs. Willows could sense the wetness dripping from her daughter’s pussy.

“Shhhh…it’s ok honey. I know what you’re going through but mommy’s here. Mommy’s got you” she whispered in her ear.

“I need it…please…I’ll do anything…I’ll be a good girl….I’ll be anything daddy wants…I need him…I need his cum mommy! I need my daddy’s cum!” Alisa begged as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Calm down, you need to be patient….”

“I’ll take daddys cum anywhere…in my pussy….down my throat….on my face….”

“In your ass?” Mrs. Willows lost herself as the words of her daughter filled her mind with delicious thoughts of her master’s cum.

“YES! Anywhere daddy wants! I’ll lick it off the floor….off his feet! I’ll suck it out of your pussy mommy!” Alisa bit down on the comforter and her mother continued to grind in motion with her. She could feel her mother’s warm breath on her face and the dampness of her lips as the gently brushed against her eighteen year old skin.

“Good girl….but you must wait….we can’t have you bursting into your stepfather’s lab demanding to worship him.”

“But mommy….”

“Shhh…I know his cum is filtering out of your system from last night. I know how good the first dose can be….how the warm sensation fills your pussy, how it spreads over your body….your tits begin to tingle with new sensitivity and your mouth salivates with desire” Mrs. Willow was losing herself in thoughts of sex again. Her husband master had turned her into a sex crazed nymph and last night he made her daughter one as well.

A brilliant chemist, he created a formula that binds itself to his semen, turning it into a highly addictive drug. She didn’t understand why she was begging for him to shoot a load in her mouth before he left for work everyday and dressing up in sexy lingerie in the hopes that he’s cum inside her pussy at night. It wasn’t until she had started bathing him like he was royalty that she realized she’d do anything for his cum.

“You’re realizing that all you are and ever will be again, is a pleasure source for your daddy’s desire…..but you must maintain control or he’ll deny us his seed…”

“…no….” Alisa almost burst into tears at the thought of never tasting her daddy’s cum again…not after last night.


She was surprised to see her stepfather when she got home, he normally worked such late hours. But there he was, making popsicle of all things. He asked her to try one….and before she knew it, she was on her knees being feed by her daddy. For the rest of the night she would find herself in that same position only begging to be fed his cum instead of a popsicle.

“But if we show him what good girls we are….how his pleasure is all that matters….if we allow ourselves to bend to his will, he’ll reward us.” Mrs. Willow said encouragingly to her daughter.

“…please….I’ll be a good fucktoy mommy….i need him…”

“Let mommy teach you how to please your master….look up at him from your knees….keep your innocent eyes filled with lust as you stare obediently into his….your warm wet mouth wrapped around his cock….your tongue lapping at his balls each time you willingly shove him down your throat….tears in your eyes from choking….”

“please…yes….teach me how to serve my daddy…tell me how a little girl like me can earn my reward….please mommy….my pussy feels like it’s on fire!”

“Not yet little girl….there’s one more task you’ll need to do….

“ANYTHING…please mother anything….”

“You must bring daddy new toys for him to play with…do you understand?”

“Yes…I’ll bring daddy new girls….I’ll bring him anyone he wants…”

“Even though you’ll be turning them into mindless fuckdolls?”


“What if daddy wants one of your best friends?”

“I don’t care….I’ll turn all my friends into fuck slaves to fulfill my daddy’s lust! I’ll make a teen harem to worship his cock!”

“Daddy will be pleased….”

“Fuck….mommy….choke me….choke your little girl for being bad….for not being patient….”

Her mother’s hand gripped firmly around Alisa’s throat, “…you are nothing but a little slut, thinking of your daddy’s eyes looking down at you while he shoots load after load onto your face….picturing him shoving your sweet little mouth into the pussies of your best friends while he fucks you….imagining your daddy pinning you down while he takes your ass….every….night”

“yes…daddy owns me…my body belongs to him from now on…..”

Now imagine no more….because he is here for you….”


She felt the hard warm cock of her daddy slip inside her tight asshole. His hand pushed her face to the mattress as he mounted her like an animal, “Take daddy’s cock like a good girl…let your mind slip away as I pound the last remnants of freewill from your psyche…”

“…use your little girl daddy…break my mind…break my body….I want to be an empty vessel…I want to be filled by your commands…your power…your cum…”

The formula worked just as he thought it would on women, but there was one aspect he never considered. A side effect seemed to be that his body produced semen at an ever increasing rate which kept him in a constant state of arousal. No woman was safe, if he found them attractive he would dose them with this cum. It had gotten so potent that all he needed to do was simply rub some on a woman’s skin and she would become obsessed with pleasing him.  He was no longer capable of resisting the women he wanted any more than those women were of resisting him.

“I’ll bring you all my friends daddy…I’ll fill their mouths up with your cum and watch as the addiction takes them….they’ll all be your daughters daddy!”

“Text them while I fuck you….tell them you have a big surprise for them….tell them to hurry over…daddy needs more slaves…more fuckdolls…do this for your daddy and be rewarded”

“Yes! Anything daddy! I’ll
train them to serve you…to be obedient just
like me…thank you daddy….thank you for using me…thank you for breaking  my mind…” she said while in a texting frenzy.

“Now get on your knees and receive what you desire”

Her eyes looked up adoringly at her daddy, while his balls drained into her mouth. Like a good girl she never lost focus on her daddy’s gaze…if she ever wanted his cum again she’d need to obey his rules perfectly.

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