Vicki was a spoiled girl in her early 20s who relied on her parents for everything – including her spacious apartment.

That was a lie, of course.

Vicki was an associate at a law firm. She had more then enough money to pay for herself.

But that’s not what she told boys. Vicki just wanted them to see her as some cute – if bratty – ditzy girl.

So she made sure to laugh at all their jokes and dress like an immature coed and fill her language with likes and whatever’s.

She even let them think that her perky implants had been a sweet 16 present, rather then something she bought herself after her first major paycheck.

It was all so much fun. When boys were around, Vicki would stop reading and start watching reality TV. She’d pretend like she had trouble calculating the bill at restaurants – not that she ever paid on dates.

“I guess boys are just better at math” she’d say with a sheepish grin.

It didn’t take too long for her work product to start suffering. Her outfits became less appropriate for the office. She’d get caught taking selfies in the office restroom. And, eventually, even the secretaries thought she was too ditzy.

Not that it mattered. Vicki had saved up enough to live a luxurious life of a lazy sexpot. And the coffee shop next to her apartment was always looking for cute girls to work as waitresses.

And besides, her parents could always bail her out anyways.

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