The de-mugglefier

Staring fixedly out of the window of the Hogwarts express at the pleasant green scenery flying by… Draco Malfoy played with the accursed ring in his pocket and smiled evily to himself.

In order to create an army of loyal dark wizards Voldemort had granted him use of the De-mugglefier. It was one of the dark lords horcruxes – a plain silver ring on a chain. At the moment it was useless… it just needed a human element… an appropriate host and its true power would become evident.

Suddenly spotting Hermoine Grainger – that filthy Gryffindor mudblud emerging on her own from the ladies toilet… Draco grinned and quickly ran up behind her. She would be perfect! He pushed her into an empty carriage and closed the door behind them.

“Draco what on earth do you think you are doing?” gasped Hermoine, her hand already going for her wand as he took out the ring- but before she could stop him, he threw it and the chain over her head.

Hermoine screamed falling to the floor and writhing as she was consumed by the most evil magic possible. Voldemorts fractured and twisted soul was now bonding with her own and the ring was designed to corrupt and transform the innocent girl. The pain she now felt was every last trace of her muggle ancestry being consumed and destroyed. She was being transformed into a pure blood Slytherin bitch before Draco’s very eyes. It was so delicious to watch.

Hermoine tried to fight as the ring hungrily consumed her humanity and twisted her soul. “Give in Hermoine… become the evil slut you were always destined to be. Your power will be abolute and you will stand by my side forever,” hissed the dark lord in her mind. She moaned feeling her pussy get wet at the thought of absolute power and immortality.

Hermoines lips twisted into an evil smile and she groaned happily, arching her back and throwing back her head as she was overcome by a rapturous orgasm and she accepted her total corruption and enslavement to the darkness. The good parts of her soul and her muggle half were no more… she was a Death-eater now and her witchly power was threefold. “Ohhhhh fuck yes Master… I am your evil bitch now!” She moaned in ecstasy.

Sitting up, Hermoine grinned and lasciviously stretched her body. “Time to test my true powers and my new abilities,” she purred pulling open her blouse to make sure her tits were on display and hiking up her skirt to show off her legs. “At long last I am gonna make use of my looks to get what I want and need.”

She picked up her wand and standing up pointed it at Draco. “Avada Kedavra!” she hissed and he screamed as the green bolt of death pierced his body and he fell down stone dead.

“The Dark Lord has no further use for your weak and inconstant family Draco,” she giggled insanely, “not now he has me to make as many loyal and pure blooded wizards as he needs.” Murdering Draco felt good and Hermoine felt her fractured soul darken even more and blend further with her masters. It made her wet and aroused. She wanted to play with herself but it was time to go to work.

Making her way out into the Hogwarts express Hermoine grinned as she spotted friends she had known for years. None of them had any idea of what lay in store for them or who she had now become. She felt so fucking good and wanted more. She could kill, torture and dominate everyone now without any guilt getting in the way. Who needed a conscious anyway? – it had only been holding her back.

Spotting Seamus Finnigan, Hermoine giggled and grabbed the Irish half-bloods hand. “Hello Seamus,” she breathed letting him look down her blouse at her heaving tits… “I have something to show you in private. Come with me.”

Seamus was surprised at the way Hermoine was acting… and he was even more surprised when she got him alone and instantly French kissed him against the wall. He groaned… responding quickly and Hermoine tasted his soul as they kissed. “I wanna suck your big Irish cock… give it to me,“ purred Hermoine as she tore down his trousers and sank to her knees.

Seamus was in heaven as Hermoine slid her soft wet lips around his throbbing cock and began to suck. Every boy in class had secret fantasies about the goody two-shoes girl suddenly acting like a slut and now they were coming true.

Hermoine loved the taste and feel of a big cock in her pretty mouth… especially because when Seamus orgasmed, not only would she suck out his tasty cum… but his soul as well. She worked hard, sucking and slurping and using her hands to stroke his balls and pump the lubricated shaft of his dick. She broke off long enough from sucking to desperately plead. “Ooooh Seamus. Give me your cum baby and give me your muggle soul! Yess YESSSS!”

Seamus groaned and began to cum. Hermoine’s lips clamped eagerly round his cock like a hoovers and her cheeks bulged as his jizz filled her mouth and she hungrily slurped it down. “Mmmpphhhhmmmmhh”

Dark energy crackled around them and Seamus gasped as his muggleness was drained and the power of the dark lord infected him. He was rapidly corrupted into the first of Voldemorts new Death Eaters. “Ohhhh yes Hermoine. I understand now. We wizards are superior and deserve power over the weak and foolish muggles.”

“Atta boy,” giggled Hermoine wiping his cum from her mouth and smiling contendly. Consuming his soul had just made her stronger and it felt good. Why – with enough souls she might even become as powerful as the dark lord.

Seamus was just the start. She had a lot of work to do… so many cocks and souls to drain… and then it would finally be time to deal with that nuisance Harry Potrer for her master! World domination awaited!

The end.

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