“Heyyyyy daddy…”

“Hey, sweetheart. You have a good day at work – oh my.”

I could tell what was up, just from how she dressed, how she sat, and how she’d done her hair.

“I did, daddy! How about you?”

I stood before her, arms folded. “Honey, did you take some of that supplement again?”


“Didn’t we say you shouldn’t do that anymore?”

“It’s not permanent or anything,” she pouted. “Besides! I remember how much you liked it last time.”

I shifted in place and tried to disguise that she was turning me on a little. “That’s not important. The fact is, that formula has a very different effect on women and you shouldn’t be taking it.”

“But daddy, I remember last time! I remember how much you liked me being…” she winked and acted as though she could hardly remember.


“You liked me being your bimbo slut, didn’t you?”

“Perhaps, but…”

“Do you want me to be your bimbo slut right now?”


“Cause I do.”

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