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Speech restrictions, renaming, forbidden words, forced speech patterns, corrupted grammar, …

I can’t be the only one!

Indeed! I’m a linguistics major and spend a great deal of time pondering every little detail of human communication, the way people’s speech and thought patterns are influenced by the culture and society around them is utterly fascinating to me.

It also plays a big part in my interest in hypnosis and conditioning. The spoken word is nothing less than the internalized thought of one individual being conveyed to another. It’s a fundamental aspect of organized society. Even now as you read this, my thoughts are freely flowing into your mind. No magic countdown nor induction required. That’s just how communication works.

… and it’s also likely why the idea of having someone manipulate my use of language is such a turn on to me. The way we communicate, the inflections, discourse markers and vocabulary we use can tell a person a lot about our origins and education. A majority of people speak without being conscious of the regional dialect and colloquialisms they use in everyday speech.

Be it a Bostonian accent or the ever popular valleyspeak, most people think their way of communication is the perfectly normal one and that yours is the weird one.

All that being said… I rather fancy the idea of someone making me talk like a slutty highshcool dropout, but finding someone capable of guiding me toward a simple and less serious form of speech has been rather difficult. So I’ve opted instead to turn to my good friends Weed and Booze, both of whom go great with edging and.. like.. self conditioning 🙂

This is super interesting! I guess it would make sense that language balls up all of accents and tone of voice and patterns. It would explain the specificity behind the valley girl accent and why I find it super hot, but not say, a certain type of British.

For me it’s more about actually removing mental ability to do things (memory, specific emotional responses, etc) but this is a super interesting aspect of it. Very neat.

I speak Cantonese at home, learned Mandarin and English at school, and I’m minoring in French. I also, um, write a lot of porn. 🙂 Language is big for me. I get really hot thinking about having my languages taken away or taking someone else’s away.

I’m a proud Chinese-American, and I know it’s so, so wrong for me to say it…but I want a white lover to make Lacey speakee Chinglish. Me want say love you long time! But only if you make me…

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