I thought this girl I like was Asian because of the way she did the makeup around her eyes, but having seen her without it, she’s clearly not. Some might say this was racist of me, so could you make her a doting, devoted fuckslave who only speaks broken English and praises me for how great I am, so it never gets out I was wrong? :3


“I mean, it’s cool and
everything, and you were really sweet to get me anything, but…what does it

Your crush examines your gift with
the beautifully painted kanji characters on it, and looks at you expectantly.
Shit. You were sure she was Asian, but seeing her now without makeup, it’s
clear you messed up.

“Oh…well, the owner

“Oh my God,” she says,
understanding. “You thought I was Asian. You bought me a stereotypical
gift. Look, even if I was, it doesn’t mean I READ JAPANESE. Holy fuck, that’s

“No! That’s not–”

“I mean, I’d stirr suck youl
cock and shit, but I’d ve pissed about it! And–”  She stops, frowning. “Wha–what did I
just say? Why am I…tarking rike this?”
She licks her lips as she moves closer to you. “I…I don’t undelstand.
All I want to do is get my vlains fucked out, sir! Youl wondelfur cock is my
whore wolrd!”

Her face contorts, trying to
understand what she’s doing. She shakes her boobs in your face as she wraps a
hand gently around your dick. “Oh Master, it’s so VIG and THICK. Prease,
ret youl fucksrut pray? I’ll do ANYTHING.”

The kanji on the box glows, and you

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