“Uhm, this game is like, uhnn…super duper fun…”

“That’s right…just keep…huhh…keep playing.”

“Mmm, okies! I’m like, uh, not very good at it, though. And, uh, I feel kinda weird, nstuff?”

“Just keep…huhhh….huhh…keep playing!”

“O-okay! I, uhhnn, what are you, uhh, doing back there? Are – uuughnnn – are you, uhm, checking out my butt, or, uhhh, something?”

“No hon, I – oh god – I would never – hhhnnngghhh-!”

“Oh good, huhhnnnghh…cause like, guys get all pervy around me sometimes.”

“Hooo…oh don’t worry baby, I would never do anything like check you out while you were bending over. That’s just sexist.”

“Yeah! It’s like, totally sexemist, and stuff.”

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