Brooke loved her husband and was confident that he’d never cheat — she even fulfilled all of his sex fantasies just to make sure.

But still, he had been acting weird. Going out at strange hours. Talking to her differently. Even sex had this bizarre mix of hot and cold.

So before going to her job as a yoga instructor — she taught the ever-popular all-girls tantric bikram class — Brooke decided to snoop on her husband’s laptop, just to see if there was anything weird in his emails or text messages or whatever. 

Brooke wasn’t sure what she’d find — maybe a new girl at work was being a little too friendly. Or maybe he was planning some sort of surprise for their upcoming anniversary.

But she certainly wasn’t expecting to see a picture of herself on something called Master PC. It even listed a bunch of random personal information about her: weight, job, breast size, sexual orientation. All the info was correct, but, well, weird.

It said “Sexy yoga instructor” under the “Job” listing — accurate, Brooke thought to herself with a smile — but next to that was the word “psychiatrist” with a line though it.

She skimmed over the pages of info:

Breast size: A-Cup D-Cup

Skin tone: Pale Tan

Sexuality (0-10): Four Nine

Hair length: Shoulder Mid-Back

It was all too much to take in, though Brooke definitely saw the words “exhibitionist” “sporty” and “loves posting in Instagram.”

But it was the last paragraph all the way at the bottom under “Contingency” that caught Brooke’s attention.

“If Brooke ever finds Master PC on her husband’s computer,” she read to herself. “She will use it to make herself sexier for her husband, whom she loves and adores.”

Brooke paused for a second.

“Well,” the former psychiatrist said as she clicked a few keys. “Goodbye gag reflex.”

And with a smile, she closed the laptop, took a selfie of herself, posted it to her Insta page, and walked out of the apartment in her shorts and sports bra, ready to teach a bunch of cuties how to sweat it up.

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