This morning, Jennifer had been a respectable neurotherapist. This morning, Jennifer had been thirty-five. This morning, Jennifer had been celibate, married to the job. This morning, Jennifer had been a graduate, magna cum laude, from one of the best private medical schools in the country.

That was before the reality quakes. There had been three, the first, and the two aftershocks.

The first stripped ten years from her in an instant and dropped her in a whole new socioeconomic class. Her birthday scooted up as memories of strenuous grad studies at private school, her grueling internship, and stressful specialist practice melted away. Now Jenny remembered Brad, the loving husband she’d met in swim class, and how sweet he was to work extra shifts at the restaurant so she could focus on her physical therapy certification. It was a state school, not, like, the greatest academics, but it was just her speed. Besides, most of the guys in the program were fit and cut.

As she was hurrying to class, the first aftershock hit. Another three years fell off her life. Her boyfriend Brad was at the office, probably flirting with the secretaries, but that was okay – after all, they’d met when he was a TA teaching Intro to English and made a pass at an undergrad. It’d taken her a few seconds to get it, but once she did, he’d taken her to bed and made her life a lot more comfortable. He was good in bed and always paid, and he supported her dream of becoming a sports therapist one day. Jen almost laughed. He might not be so enthusiastic if he knew she’d be hanging out around stacked hot boytoys all day! She thought it was a good time to cheer him up, so she adjusted her crop top and held her phone up to take the selfie…

The second aftershock was harder than the first. Jenni held up the camera to take the selfie. Daddy Brad had demanded topless selfies every day since he’d bought her those big fake tits. She’d worried they’d get in the way of her yoga practice, but actually more students started showing up, especially boys. Bitches like Brad’s wife left in a huff, calling her “whore” “cheap” and “trash.” Whatevs. Jenni might not have been book-smart as a high school dropout, but she knew how to make men pay for her hot ass. She smiled. This selfie showed off her ass AND her amazing rack. She couldn’t wait to ask Daddy Brad for another 500ccs.

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