Tony was at his wits end. He and his girlfriend, Krystal, of 2 years finally got an apartment together. What started off as a good thing quickly became them bickering every chance they got.

“You never do anything around here, I’m the one that cleans up after both of us.” Krystal said as she followed Tony into the kitchen to continue the argument.

Tony had enough, the thing in question was Krystal’s OWN! A-cup bra she had in her hand waving it around. He had other things on his plate. His job was stressful and demanding of him, he just wanted to come home and relax.

“You know what would make this work better?” Tony said finally snapping.
He gave a brief pause, but not long enough for Krystal to awnser.
“If you would grow a decent set of tits, do all this house shit, and get on your knees and blow me!”

Both stared at each other in shock over what Tony said. He knew her body image was an issue for her, and she was flabbergasted. Just as Krystal was ready to fire back with her own attack something snapped…

It wasn’t her mind or emotions, but the bra she was wearing. The one in her hand she carelessly tossed behind her and lifted up her shirt which struggled to contain the breasts that, out of no where, sprung from her chest. She shrugged off the destroyed bra and hunkered down on her knees before him.

“Please let me blow you.” Krystal said as she played with her new D-cup tits, almost as if she always had them.
“Then when I’m done, I’ll make you dinner and clean up while you rest after such a hard day.”

Tony just smiled… he didn’t know what happened, or why, nor did he care. This is more like it he thought.

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