The Hard Sell


The Hard Sell by The Sympathetic Devil

Bailey went to the door and was relieved to see it was her cousin Aaron. This was an unusual emotion for people who found Aaron on their doorstep, and Bailey was no exception to that rule. But in this case, Bailey had asked Aaron to come. She had demanded it, actually.

“Oh good, you came,” Bailey said. “It’s right here in the kitchen. Almost the whole box. Like I said on the phone, it makes me violently ill. “

“I’m really sorry about that, Cuz,” Aaron said. “None of my other customers had any complaints.”

Bailey doubted that. But she wasn’t going to get into an argument with him. As long as he was going to honor the money-back guarantee he promised, his other customers could fend for themselves.

“There it is. The whole case. Minus the one bottle I tried to choke down. Are you sure the sample you gave me was the same stuff? ”

“Well, with any all-natural health drink, there’s going to be variation from batch to batch depending on where the manufacturers can source the Tahitian Nonie and açai berries. I told my distributor about your complaint and they’re looking into it,” her cousin assured her.

“Well I hope they figure it out,” Bailey said. “As long as you honor your money-back guarantee, I’m not going to raise a stink about it.”

“Yeah, about that…” Aaron said.

Bailey scowled.

“Oh no you don’t!” She said. “I told you I was not going to support another of your damn get rich quick schemes without a money-back guarantee in writing and I’ve got it and so help me I will sue!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Cuz!” Aaron said holding up his hands to proclaim his innocence. “I totally have all your money! Your family, Bailey! I’m not gonna do you like that! But I did find something I think you might like more than money.”

Bailey stared, incredulous, at her cousin.

“You’re trying to cheat me out of my money, Aaron. I know it. I’ve known it every time. I’ve put up with it because you’re family, but enough is enough.”

“I’m not trying to cheat you!” he protested. “You’ve always been the smartest one in our family! That’s why I thought you’d be interested in this.”

He pulled out a small black box with a translucent pink dome on top of it.

“What is that? You want me to take that instead of my money back?” she demanded.

“Oh heavens no!” He said. “I only have the one. But I’ll rent it to you. Here, let me show you how it works.”

He tapped the dome and it started to glow softly and hum. Bailey shuddered. She felt strange.

“What…what is that…” She asked, her eyes going out of focus.

“It’s a Bimbotron 5000 from BimboTech!” Aaron explained. “Isn’t it awesome? Isn’t it worth much more than the money I owe you?”

“No, it…turn it off…it feels weird…I’m…confused…” Bailey protested.


“Oh, that’s just your brain adjusting to it,” Aaron assured her. “There can be a little discomfort while your brain calibrates itself to the machine and vis versa. It’s set to pick up on any female brainwaves and then adjust until it finds just the right harmonics.”

“Huh?” Bailey asked. Her cousin didn’t seem to be making any sense.

“What the Bimbotron 5000 does is create infinite logic loops in your thought processes, kind of like a computer virus. The loops take up more and more of your intelligence until you reach the desired level of bimbofication, then it reaches equilibrium.”

“Feels… goooooood.” she said. There was something wrong, but it felt so good she couldn’t think what it was. If he would just turn it off maybe she could think of what it was.

“Off!” She said, pointing at it.

“But you already paid for 15 minutes Cuz!” Aaron said. “I wouldn’t want you to say I cheated you.”

She bit her lower lip and giggled. She had paid for this. She didn’t remember that. But she was feeling so stupid, she didn’t know what she remembered. And Aaron was smiling so nice. She couldn’t help but smile back. And giggle.

“You know Cuz, I’ve always thought you were the nicest member of our whole entire family,” he told her.

Bailey giggled.

“I always thought you were an asshole!” She confessed, stuck her tongue out and then giggled. She couldn’t think hard enough to lie.

“But you’re seeing me in a different light now, aren’t you?” Aaron said. “Don’t I seem much nicer with the Bimbotron on?”

“You’re nice! I’m nice! Everything is nice!” Bailey agreed. “Nice nice nicer nicest nicety nice nice!”

And then she giggled. It was nice.

“I always thought we could be good friends, Bailey, if only you were friendlier,” Aaron said. “Are you feeling friendly Bailey? You are feeling friendly, aren’t you Bailey. Very, very friendly.”

“I’m friendly!” She exclaimed. “Very, very friendly!”

And she did feel very friendly. It was so hard to think that she was grateful that Aaron had ideas to fill the sudden emptiness in her head.

“Less thinky, more friendly: that’s the recipe for a happy Bailey!” Aaron explained.

She giggled her agreement. Disagreeing would take too much effort. And might make her unhappy. Aaron was totally right!

“Instead of being the smartest one in our family, you can be the friendliest Bailey!” He said stepping in close to putting arm around her waist and pull her in closer to him. It was a little weird. But she couldn’t really think about why. So she just giggled. He kissed her on the cheek.

“You kissed me!” she said.

“Of course, Bailey!” Aaron said. “We’re kissing cousins! That’s the friendly thing to do. And you’re very friendly, right?”

“I’m friendly!” Bailey agreed, and then giggled until her cousin’s tongue was there in her mouth, making giggling a little more difficult. So instead she took stuck her tongue in his mouth. It seemed the friendly thing to do. And then his hands got very friendly with her ass, which made her feel even more friendly!

He set her on her kitchen table right next to the Bimbotron and filled her empty head with all sorts of friendly ideas. He really was the smartest one in the whole entire family! So many really good ideas about things Bailey could do to make herself more happy and make everyone around her happy.

But then a timer went ‘ping’ and Aaron’s face fell.

“Time’s up,” he said, and he turned off the Bimbotron.

Bailey was suddenly bombarded with conflicting emotions and disjointed thoughts. Guilt at having made out with her cousin. Anger at Aaron for having tricked her. Confusion at how much she enjoyed it. But most of all, a deep longing for him to turn the thing back on.

“I… You… You shouldn’t have done that… We shouldn’t of done that…” she said, resisting the urge to beg him for more.

“I thought you’d like it, Bailey!” Aaron told her. “You acted like you liked it! I’d feel terrible if you thought that I cheated you. Look, since you’re family, I could give you an extra five minutes, no charge. And then if you really don’t like it, I’ll give you a full refund. You trust me, right?”

He had told her how much she trusted him. How good it felt to trust him. How very, very good it felt to let him make decisions for her so she didn’t have to think and could just feel good. And she so wanted to feel good again! But what was the thing doing to her? It was so hard to decide!

But she didn’t have to decide. Aaron had already turned the Bimbotron back on. All the conflict rushed away as Bailey felt deliciously happy and friendly again. She was so grateful to Aaron for deciding for her! She decided to show him by giving him a big sloppy wet kiss.

“I like this so much!” She exclaimed between kisses.

“I just knew you would Bailey,” Aaron said, squeezing her ass.

“That’s ‘cause you’re so smart!” she exclaimed. “You’re the smartest and I’m the friendliest!”

“Right you are Bailey right you are,” he said patting her on the head. “You’re a friendly lil’ bimbo! But we’re coming up on five minutes. I’m going to have to turn the Bimbotron off again. Unless you want to give me something to keep it on longer!”

“Yes! Longer!” she said and giggled.

“OK, but I should warn you effects become permanent after a while.” Aaron said. Do you think you’ll be all right with that?“

“I don’t think!” She declared with a giggle. “Less thinky, more friendly!”

“Well I think it’s a great idea.” Aaron said. “And since I’m the only one thinking, I’d be willing to trade you 10 more minutes in exchange for your clothes.

Bailey giggled that the request. What would Aaron possibly want with her clothes? But she couldn’t pass up a bargain like this! She pulled off her top and bra. She handed them to Aaron.

He cousin took them but barely looked at them. He was staring at her chest.

“You have the best tits in our whole family, Bailey!” he told her. “You really should show them off more.”


“I should show my tits off more!” she agreed, delighted that he liked them.

“Pants and panties too, lil; bimbo!” he reminded her. “And show off your ass to me while you do it. Friendly girls show off their fine asses and I know how much you like to be friendly.”

Bailey giggled, hopped down and turned her back side to her cousin while she peeled of her pants and panties in one go, wiggling her tush at him as she did so in the friendliest way she could manage.

“Best ass in the family too!” Aaron exclaimed. “So many great qualities, you probably don’t care at all that you’re not the smartest in the family any more, do you?”

“I don’t care!” she agreed. “I got the best ass!”

“You’re a hot piece of ass!” he proclaimed.

“I’m a hot piece of ass!” she giggled.

“And given that you’re naked in your kitchen showing off your tits and ass to your cousin, I think you might be a little bit slutty,” Aaron said.

“I might be a little bit slutty!” she agreed.

“Or you might be a lot bit slutty,” he reasoned.

“I might be a lot bit slutty!” she conceded. He would know better than her!

“The only way to be sure is for me to bend you over this table and fuck you,” he explained.

“OK!” she agreed, because it was the friendly thing to do, because she trusted her cousin implicitly, because she was at the very least a little bit slutty, and because she didn’t have any idea what else she should be doing.

And as she let Aaron bend her over her kitchen and slide his hard pecker into her peach, she stared at the pretty pink light of the Bimbotron and drooled. She didn’t know what to think, other than the fact that this all felt really, really good, but if she had to make a choice, she was pretty sure the answer was ‘a lot bit slutty’.

“Time to see if you’re a permanent bimbo,” Aaron said, as Bailey giggled at the sensation of jism running down her thigh.

Her cousin clicked off the Bimbotron. The tingling in her brain stopped. But she still felt really, really good and didn’t have a thought in her head other than the ones Aaron had given her.

“Still a bimbo, Cuz?” he asked.

Bailey shrugged, showing off her tits the way Aaron had told her she should.

“I dunno!” she said. “Am I?”

“Well, which would you rather do: Read a book or suck my dick?” he asked.

“Ummmmm…Is the answer suck your dick?” she asked. She hoped that was the answer, but he was the smart one, so she asked him.

“Of course it is, you silly bimbo!” Aaron said, pulling out an inhaler and taking a puff which caused his flagging tallywacker to rise to the occasion. “So get on your knees and get friendly!”

Bailey giggled and knelt on her discarded dress, happy to oblige. As she sucked away, Aaron explained that he thought he could probably sell off her case of his health drink if he changed his sales approach. Rather than hitting up family members, he would dress her in a bikini and bunny ears and have her be his assistant while he sold the stuff by the bottle outside college campuses and sporting events.

Bailey didn’t listen that closely. She was sure Aaron’s ideas were great. And she didn’t have any of her own. But she felt fantastic!


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