This is everything men want. Anything more complicated than this is taking away from the beauty.


The strange girl turned from her dusting and smiled as I walked into the kitchen in nothing but boxers.  "Ahh good morning Clark.  Did you sleep well?“

After the fight with Karen last night I’d slept terribly and in my half asleep state I wasn’t sure how to react to a stranger cleaning my apartment, especially such a beautiful stranger wearing the skimpiest maid outfit I’d ever seen.  "W-who are you?”  Was the best I could must in my drowsy state.

“My name is Mikala’aylo’tana, but you can call me Miko.”  She let out an intoxicating giggle and opened the cuboard to get a coffee mug.  "I’m a Venusian,“ she explained while filling the mug up with coffee.

“Venusian..like from Venus?”  I asked dumbly.

She added some half and half and pushed the coffee mug into my hands.  "That’s right.  We’ve come to invade your planet.  Did I put in enough cream?“  she asked, gazing at my like my answer was the most important thing in the world.

Under the pressure of those eyes I let go of more questions and took a sip.  "It tastes great.”  It was a far better cup of coffee than I’d ever brewed.  "Did you say invade?“

"Oh don’t worry about that.”  She giggled again and sidled up against me, wrapping an arm around my waist.  Her cheek rested on my shoulder and she smelled like vanilla and coconut oil.  "The reason I’m here is I heard about the fight you had with your girlfriend.  She was so unreasonable and unfair to you.  I think you deserve someone way better, someone not so disagreeable, someone who will listen to your needs.“  She brushed her fingers over my crotch and my cock quickly responded.

It hadn’t been my first fight with Karen but we had always learend to talk, compromise and make up.  A relationship was all about compromise, after all.  But in this strange girl’s eyes I could see a promise of another kind of relationship, entirely focused on my needs, of a relationship with no compromises, even physical ones.  Miko was stunning, built like a pop idol, the kind of girl I’d fantasized of dating.

She seemed to sense the weakness in my thoughts and stroked over my hips again.  "Hey, why don’t you sit on the couch and finish your coffee, and I can do something even more stimulating.”

I nodded, feeling excited at the implications and worrying less and less about Karen.  If this was what a Venusian invasion would be like, then I couldn’t see the downside.

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