A college student goes to a haunted house and is “attacked” by a ghost dick which fucks her in the ear and floods her brain with its ectoplasmic jizz, leaving her a dimwitted klutz obsessed with cum. A cum zombie, if you will.


   Sherrie Long gripped the steering wheel of her beat-up Volkswagen van she inherited from her parents. Her knuckles were white and her breathing was irascible, he so-called friends had abandoned her and she sat outside the decayed house, waiting for the courage that her friends may have provided to swell within her. She smacked her cheeks with her hands, unsettling her glasses, and squeezed her hips past the armrests and collected the equipment she decided was useful. A flashlight, an old camcorder and a device of her own invention, the ecto-detector. She constructed it from her old phone and, if her calculations were right, was gonna make her rich tonight when she proved that this place was haunted.

   Goosebumps crept along her skin from the breeze as she mounted the steps to the house, her flashlight shakily guiding her path. The house was built about one hundred and fifty years ago by a widowed plantation owner, her husband was killed during the civil war and she built this house as something of a school for young girls, but a mysterious fire killed her and burned half the building down. Each attempt to rebuild it was met with some kind of disaster and eventually, people just gave up. The records from that time were sketchy at best about it but this house was proclaimed a landmark along with the grove that surrounded it. It was technically illegal to be here but Sherrie wasn’t going to let a stupid law stop her from making her mark on science.

   For a building that was over a hundred years old and partially burned down, it was remarkably well preserved. She didn’t find records of any upkeep or anything so it must’ve been a case of ‘they don’t build them like this anymore’. She pulled the metal knob on the front door and it creaked open, a plume of dust sprang up from the floor and danced in the light of her flashlight. She had expected it to be filled with spray-painted dicks and other tags like most landmarks but save for the dust the interior was pristine. Sheets were draped over the furniture and the plaster on the walls was dried and cracked. She winced at every creek of the floor and her heart beat faster the deeper she explored the house. She set her bag down and felt around for her ecto-detector but as she searched her hand brushed across a deathly cold something, she felt it give slightly then press against her hand. She retracted her hand lightning fast, the cold still tingling her skin. The door suddenly slammed behind her and she felt the rush of air hit her back and she let out a weak scream. Her heart beat thunderously in her chest and her shoulders rose and fell quickly with ragged breath. It took her several moments of convincing herself that this was potentially a good sign before she composed herself.

   Ecto-detector in hand she began to systematically search the first floor. She thought back to what her so-called friends said about her invention and it made her shake. “It’s just like those dumb EEG things, man” and “Oh my God, you don’t actually believe in ghosts do you? We just used that as an excuse to go and make out,” she was so enraged by the half-heartedness of her friends, but she’d show them. Her little device gave her no readings as of yet, but she once again felt a biting cold something drag across her bottom. She jumped forward and turned around finding nothing, even her invention indicated no supernatural presence. She felt the coldness press into her cheek this time and swatted it away, her hand shivered as though she dipped it in arctic waters. She had an idea and scrolled through her settings in her ecto-detector and found her most clever invention, the ecto-burst. It was a burst of electromagnetic radiation that would hopefully make this thing visible. She readied the camera in front of her and his the button sending out a wave of energy, but revealed nothing. Her face fell until she felt the frigid thing around her ass again. She jumped back around and sent another burst out that seemed to center around something, it was working! She hit it again and the shimmering air took on more shape, she hit it again and again and again. She lifted the camera and finally got real live proof of life after death, the shimmering air finally settled and what she stood before her being recorded on her camera was a footlong, veiny cock that glowed eerily blue and was as thick as a soda can.

   The look on Sherrie’s face was all at once confused, disappointed and excited. It was attached to nothing and just floated around the corridor aimlessly. Sherrie had hoped to see a person or something but not a disembodied cock. She was so distracted that she almost didn’t see it drift nearly into her mouth. She pulled her head away and ducked at the last minute, watching it drift by without direction. She decided to put her camera away, slightly disappointed but giddy that her device really worked. She crept through the rest of the house, searching for, hopefully, the ghost the dick came from. She pondered on how exactly it came to be like that, this was all virgin territory and she was free to hypothesize to her heart’s content. Maybe some guy lost his dick and he has to find it in order to rest in peace or something. She hoped that was the case cause then she could find a ghost that might be able to talk. She had entered the part of the house that was burned up and thought the master bedroom would be the best place to start.

   She could still smell the heat from the fire and she felt the scorched surface of the wood crack and turn to ash under her weight. She sent out a few pulses but saw nothing. She was ready to turn and continue her search when her foot suddenly gave way into the floorboards. Her arms went to her sides to balance and she could feel her own heartbeat. She only fell about six inches but in this house, it had felt like six feet. She pulled her boot out easily but saw something inside the hole she had made, shinning in the moonlight. She reached in and removed an old leather-bound journal with a silver buckle. It was slightly singed but otherwise perfectly intact. It must’ve been here since the fire, she’ took it from the decrepit room and entered the study, causing a cloud of dust to rise when she removed a sheet from a desk. She had to see what was in the journal, it might tell her what happened here and why there’s a disembodied cock floating around.

   The journal belonged to the owner of the house, Mrs. Chastity Masterson and the last entries read as follows: May 14th, 1866. I have buried my husband today. I did not shed a single tear for he had died doing a thing he believed in, a foolish thing but I respected his choice as was my place. I know who is to blame for this poor state of affairs that has befallen me, it was the horrid women of this once proud country. We have let women steer our politics and this is what has befallen us, thousands dead and a nation nearly destroyed. I have nothing but sympathy for our freed negro brothers and sisters but the short-sighted women of the abolitionist movement have forced the issue and nearly brought ruin to us all, and have brought ruin to me. They forced us to deal with this too soon and our men took up blows rather than used their superior minds, fooled into rashness by sly women who didn’t understand that their place was to stand beside their husbands not to lead them. I swear that I will dedicate all my efforts to ensuring that this travesty never occurs again.

   Sherrie was made a little uncomfortable by this woman’s attitude but it was a different time, she looked ahead and found an entry from the same year that the fire happened. April 3rd, 1873. I have finally located a tool that will allow me to save this nation and make my husband’s death unrepeatable. I have had to lay with beings that the lord would not have in his house but my cause is a just one and he will understand my doings once my labors bear fruit. I was not given instruction on how to wield this gift but I allowed my baser nature to guide me and I discovered its purpose with my housemaid Natalie. She was a rambunctious, and spiteful creature determined to undermine my house, proclaiming that my obsession had left me touched and spouted talk of working herself into the medical profession. But I forced the girl to her knees and now she no longer questions me or thinks such foolish notions, she only follows me and begs for another lesson. I have used the money from my family’s estate to open a school for ambitious young women, I now have the ability to give them the only instruction they truly need.

   ‘What in the hell?’ Sherrie thought, what did she do to her maid? And what lesson was she giving out? She flipped a few pages to the last entry, the day before the fire. September 23, 1873. I believe that the current class has learned of my secret. Some of them watch my dress as I walk and examine me sitting hoping to catch a glimpse and confirm their curiosity. They have seen what happens to the girls after my private lessons and I fear that they may act in self-defense. I believe that I have come to understand my gift and it’s functions and I believe that if I ejaculate into the soup that our cook is preparing for supper tomorrow that they shall be affected just the same as if I had released into their mouths. I pray that my plan succeeds or this class may be my last, and that cannot come to pass.

   What the fuck? Ejaculate? What did she mean? The fire happened the night she wrote that, did her students kill her? Questions bounced inside Sherrie’s head as she tried to make sense of these words. A paleness came across her face and her pupils dilated. A bead of sweat trickled along her face as the pieces all started to fit. Mrs. Masterson was the only person killed in the fire, the only person that died here at all as far as her research showed. That means the most likely person to be a ghost was her, but the only ghost she saw was the cock floating around. She said she was going to ejaculate into the soup, only dicks can do that. Was she a hermaphrodite? That means that the dick floating around was hers! Sherrie slowly rose from the chair and backed away from the journal, grabbing her flashlight with her shaking fist. She didn’t know just what her cock was doing to those girls and she was not going to stay and find out. She had her video, that was more than enough proof. She backed towards the door, her panicked eyes darting around looking for the ghostly appendage. She was careful to only step where she had, nervous to make a single sound.

   She was ten feet away from the door, ten feet away from freedom when her foot stepped on a corner of the dust-covered sheet protecting a dresser and she slipped, crashing to the ground with a painful thud. She picked herself up and checked her surroundings hoping that the dick wasn’t aware of her. She kept her eyes focused as she backed to the door but stopped when she felt a familiar cold at the back of her skull. She tried to turn and duck but the cock was ready this time. It surged forth and penetrated Sherrie in her ear eliciting a loud shriek as its cold flesh wormed through her ear canal. I was like forcing a dozen frozen q-tips into your ear all at once and it somehow just kept going past her eardrum and gave her a monstrous case of brain freeze. Her eyes rolled up and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as the cold penetrated the deepest parts of her. Her arms contorted and her fingers tightened, then the dick began pumping into her ear. It nearly pulled out completely, giving her a heartbeats relief then thrust back in. She could not think, she could hardly even process the sensation, it was between discomfort and insane pleasure. He head bobbed as it thrust and her body began adjusting to its cold, her arms loosening and her face became less a picture of horror and more a caricature of lust. It was as though the dick was taking all her complicated thoughts away, she felt lighter with each pump and more content to let it do its thing.

   It began pumping into her faster and she moaned out in approval. It then pulled all the way out of her, then with more force than ever buried itself in her ear and came with the force of a fire hydrant. She felt her mind be blown away by the sheer cold and the insane pleasure quickly followed it. She had no idea it felt this good, she never wanted anything more than to feel like this all the time. It was ejaculating so hard and so fast that it began to pour from her nose and collected into her open mouth and she swallowed it greedily. It was delicious, she had never given a blowjob before but now she didn’t think she could go more than a couple hours without one. The cock pulled from her smiling face with a pop and Sherri was so overwhelmed that she lost consciousness and fell forward.

   The sun was rising over the treetops when Sherri woke up. She rubbed her head and felt really cold. She looked around and couldn’t remember why she was in this house. Was there a party here? She didn’t see any guys nearby, therefore, she didn’t have a reason to be here. She felt like she was forgetting something though, but her tummy rumbled and she needed some more cummies. Maybe she could go and see Fritz and Raggy, they had yummy cocks full of cum for her. She hopped into her car but found that it wouldn’t start. She furrowed her brow and turned the key as hard as she could but nothing happened. She huffed and was about to scream when she remembered. “Oh! Like Duh! I was turning it the wrong way, *giggle* I’m such a ditz! Good thing I’ve got a mouth so men can like, make cummies in me.” With that thought, she drove away. She didn’t look back.

   In the attic of the old derelict house, a rocking chair rolled back and forth with seemingly no occupant. A glowing blue cock floated up through the floorboards to the chair and stopped. It’s glowing spread out until thighs appeared around it, then an ass, then a fine pair of legs. Soon the blue visage of a beautiful, full-figured, young woman sat naked in the rocking chair stroking her erect cock. She traced her fingers along its head and chuckled saying to herself “I’ve still got it.”

The End. I hope this one wasn’t too long-winded, kinda got away from me there. Anyway, hope y’all like it!

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