It was your typical Faustian bargain. A being from the Abyssal plane gives something only when it knows it stands to reap greater rewards.
Allison had come seeking to improve herself. A larger chest was a fairly typical wish. Easily granted by even the lowest imp. All she had to do was agree to the Terms.
Like many (well, most if we’re being honest) Allison didn’t bother checking the fine print. She signed her name and was told to go home. Her prize would come.

Allison had been disappointed. She’d expected some bit of flair, a magical show that left her as stacked as that bitch, Trudy, who’d stolen her boyfriend and left her humiliated. Still, she went home to wait.

It started with a tingle. Her nipples itched a bit. Allison jumped uo to her mirror and grabbed her phone. She didn’t want to miss recording this, her transformation into a busty goddess.

As she watched, her chest slowly ballooned outward. With a snap, her button gave way. Allison stared in amazement. It was working! Her boobs were getting bigger!
Another snap, then another. Soon Allison’s top could contain her massive globes and she spilled out.

Delight turned to panic. She wanted big tits, yeah but she didn’t want them too big. Did she? It was getting harder to think. Alli felt strange, her head slowly filling with fuzz.
Her phone rang. How did she answer it again? Oh yeah, press the green button. “Hello?”

The voice on the other end was familiar. Where did she know that voice? Oh yeah, it was the imp, Whatsgisname? The thing that gave her these massive ta-tas. “So how’s it coming, sweetheart? You all ready for Daddy?”

Daddy? Oh yeah! That’s what she called him. “Daddy, my tits are really big. But I feel funny. Was I smart?”

A laugh. “Surd you were Sweety. Smart enough to not read the fine print. Its basic, everyone knows this. The bigger the chest, the emptier the head. Yours must be pretty empty now, right?”

She giggled. “Uh huh.”. She sure was empty.

“Well don’t you worry bout that. Daddy has some friends who know just how to fill you up. Stay there, Funbags. They’re on the way.”

Funbags stayed where she was. Daddy was going to pick her up. She sure hoped his friends were good looking. Her empty head was starting to feel alright but the emptiness in her pussy was really starting to bother her.

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