The Best of Bimbofication

Part 1 – Kris P. Kreme

This my own author recommendation, primarily for F2F transformation and mind control stories. A lot of my favorite authors are published elsewhere, and rather than stealing their work, I’ll be providing links to free and paid content.

This is a personal cannon, totally subjective and not sponsored or endorsed.

Kris P. Kreme was a regular poster on the classic (and still active) Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive. He’s since moved on to publishing independently and has some epic comic collaborations.

My favourite works of his tend to involve a third party corrupting influence. Hapless mythical creatures, dwitted demons and misunderstanding aliens are common.

Boyfriends feed their girlfriends pink cake that rounds them out. Easter bunnies make entire neighborhoods obsessed with breeding. Seeing good intentions turn sideways is half the fun.

This work is usually male dominant with magical F2F transformation and some IQ reduction. Incest and pegnancy obsession are always on the table.

Personal recommendations:

Ashley’s Bimbo Birthday Blowout (mcstories)

Michael wants his girlfriend Ashly’s birthday to be mindblowing. After picking up a cake and supplies at The Kremery he gets his wish and more.

Benny the Bumbling Bunny (mcstories)

When Benny finally gets a chance to be a real Easter Bunny, his fertility gifts go awry.

A Remote Chance in Hell (self published)

A sales rep for an electronics chain, Luke is used to visiting tech conventions around the country, but it’s one in Hell, Michigan that might just truly corrupt him.

After a freak lightning strike surges through the small TV in his room while testing out an inventor’s remote control, Luke passes out only to wake up with porn on the TV and a porn sized dick in his pants.

Walked in on by the maid, he discovers that no girl can resist it, their bodies and their minds twisting upon laying eyes on it, becoming perverted porn versions of themselves.

Is there a solution to all of this, or are the odds of such a thing little more than A Remote Chance in Hell?

Trace-Tory Takeover (Bimbo Story Club)

The mysterious and powerful Trance-tory Industries has slipped by under the radar, becoming one of the most powerful corporate entities in the world, integrating themselves into daily life for millions of consumers. There is barely a home around that doesn’t feature a Trance-tory product or service and the time has finally come for the takeover to happen.

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