When Veronica learned about her husband’s bimbo fetish, she tried her best to be accommodating. She made a point to try and do the little things such as saying “like” more often and giggling more, especially when they were having sex. 

As time went on, Veronica began to enjoy the roleplaying more and more. She began to wear more pink and dressed sexier in general. She even dyed her hair blonde, before deciding that she looked even better as a brunette bimbo. 

Still, she found herself wanting to do more for him. To make herself more of a bimbo. Veronica discovered a company called Improve U Inc. that seemed to specialize in products to make women sexier. She ordered a box of ‘Brain Blockers”, a pill that supposedly restricted the part of a woman’s brain that made her intelligent. 

At first, the pills were a huge success for the couple. Veronica, or just V when she was a bimbo, loved the feeling of being reduced to such a low intellect and her husband enjoyed having a dumb, horny wife that wanted to fuck him everyday. 

Eventually, though, V’s husband got tired of the bimbo his wife had become. Unfortunately, Veronica found herself addicted to the Brain Blockers and couldn’t stop taking them. She hated that her husband wasn’t happy, but sucking and fucking were the only ways she could think of helping him. 

Veronica’s husband began to cheat on her with a colleague at his work. She was tall, fit, beautiful and, most importantly, smart. The affair went on for months before he finally decided to leave his bimbofied wife for good. 

Heartbroken, V begged him to stay. She promised to get enormous fake breasts and lips for him. She would do anything to keep her husband. As she dropped to her knees, sobbing and pleading, an idea came to him. He said that he wouldn’t leave her if she agreed to be a plaything for him and his new love interest. At least this way, he explained, V would still be able to please him and fulfill the purpose she craved so badly. 

Without hesitation, V agreed and jumped to her feet to hug her husband. He explained that he wasn’t her husband anymore, he was her Master; and she was to call him Sir from now on. She nodded; she’d do anything to keep him.

For weeks, V served her Master and Mistress as their silly bimbo plaything. She loved all the attention she would get from the couple. Master even got her new pills, to help make her an even better bimbo for them. V was now totally obedient and compliant; she lived to serve her owners.

One day, her Mistress suggested that V wear a sexy maid outfit. V was happy to be sexy for her Mistress and put the outfit on. She loved how pleased her Mistress looked.

“Now, listen to me, slut. I want you to take this.” She handed V another pill, which she happily took. Within seconds, the bimbo was standing straight and stuff. Her eyes vacant, staring into nothing. 

“You’re not V anymore,” her Mistress continued, “You’re Veronique now and you’re our stupid, slutty French bimbo maid. You will speak with a broken French accent and your whole life as you remember it will cease to exist. You’ve always been our whore and servant. Do you understand?” 

Veronique blinked as her whole life seemed to flash before her eyes. She shook her head, shaking the stars from her mind. 

“Oui, madame. I understand.” the bimbo repeated, her accent making the words sound sultry and eager. 

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