“Dude, how much did you give her?”

“Um, the whole bottle?”

“The whole bottle?!? What the fuck, dude?! It only takes a drop!”

“Shit. I don’t know, man. I’ve never used this stuff before.”

“Damn… look at her. She probably can’t even spell her own name anymore.”

“Well, she works at Hooters; maybe no one will notice.”

“No. Trust me, dude, people will notice. Do you not remember what this stuff does? It’s an IQ suppressant that doubles as a libido booster. One drop is enough to get any girl you want into bed.”


“And you giving her the whole bottle probably fried her brain forever.”

“But she’ll be down to fuck, right?”

“If she’s even coordinated enough for it now. If not, you just bought yourself a real life sex doll.”

“Good enough for me, man. Let’s take her back to my place.”

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