“Like… um, what happened?” 

I looked at my girlfriend, trying to imitate her confusion, “What do you mean, babe?”

“Well, like, I don’t remember having these.” She placed her hands under her impressive breasts, lifting them slightly. 

“What? Nicole, you’ve had those for years. You got them done right after you dropped out of college, remember?” I explained, slowly replacing her memories with my new reality for her.

“I.. uhh, dropped out? I thought I… was smart and stuff?” Already, her mind was betraying her. 

He chuckled softly and gave her a hug, “No, silly, you tried really hard but you kept failing. You decided that you should focus on things you were good at, so you got fake boobs and decided to be my dumb, sexy, little trophy wife.” 

She cocked her head slightly. My words sending conflicting messages to her brain. She was never smart, was she? How silly of her to think that. A desire to be sexy and pleasing to me burned within her; it was what she always wanted.

“Ummm, right! I, like, knew that! Sorry, hun, I’m, like, such a dum dum sometimes.” She said, pouting a little.

I kissed her on the forehead, “It’s okay, Nikki; I can think for both of us, okay?”

She nuzzled her head into my shoulder, “Like, totes. You take, like, such good care of me.”

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