iNanno – The Future Is Yours™

We’re proud to announce the formal opening of iNanno Technologies. If you’re seeing this, you’ve likely already participated in our beta test for True Augmented Reality™.  

We’d like to give a special thanks our benevolent corporate partners for their generous donations. Your families and co-workers were excellent subjects and we hope you’re as satisfied with the results as we were!

Disclaimer: due to intellectual property issues, iNanno will be operating as Ishtar Technologies in Syria, Turkey and other EMEA regions.


Do you only transform people into Asian Bimbos?

iNanno™ actually has the ability to alter the reality of any individual. Our most high-profile tests to date have included Asian Bimbos.

Are you all racist/sexist/misogynist?

Our leadership advocates for diversity of mind and background. That’s why True AR™ is not limited by sex, race, kink, or the laws of physics. We believe everyone should be subject to the whims of our customers!

What advantages does iNanno offer over OTTII/MasterPC?

Our competitors have demonstrated the market demand for downgrading difficult employees and general omnipotence. iNanno™ bridges the gap with a complete, scalable, prosumer solution. God-like power is no longer just for the international conglomerates!

Success Stories

Meet the iNanno™ team: Linda joined us back when she was a talented coder. See how she’d adapted to the office culture!

See the results in an archive of the first Brand Ambassador: activist vlogger turned cosplay cam girl,  Ann Akira!

How easy is it to set up and use True AR™? Check out how this couple found a new revenue stream!

Bug Notes

As part of iNanno’s commitment to full transparency, we’re disclosing all new projects and testing. 

Below are the ongoing results of our new Passive-Automated plugin for True AR. What happens when you let our cutting-edge desire detection software take the wheel of reality? Our engineers give three teen ‘volunteers’ a sneak peak!

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