Tilly’s Teeth Treatment

“Wait, what?” Tilly had said.

“Yeah did we not tell you”, the orthodontist had replied. “Now that we have the braces all fixed up we have to gas you for all future appointments.”

“But my friends…”

“…Had their braces on for at least a year didn’t they?” the orthodontist had finished.

“Well, yeah but…”

“And you asked us if there was a way for us to straighten your teeth as fast as possible, for you to have the braces on for as little time as possible”.


“There you go then. My methods will ensure you have them on for a matter of weeks. Don’t worry we understand. Braces aren’t cool. We’ll get your teeth looking perfect in less than a quarter of the time but it’s imperative that we use the gas so hold still while we fix the mask on. You’ll be out for a half hour or so but I promise by the end of this appointment you’ll feel fantastic.

Head swirling Tilly had conceded.


It was three weeks later when Tilly took the picture. Her braces remained but her IQ had plummeted. Sometimes she just let her tongue loll out of her mouth stupidly.

By the time she had had a chance to wonder if the orthodontist’s gas was the cause of her recent changes she was too dumb to do anything about it. Her mind remained in a permanent fogged state, her eyesight dreamy, her thoughts held together fragilely like clouds. They drifted at the slightest distraction and were unable to form into anything concrete.

Her tits had started ballooning out after orthodontist’s appointments too, slowly at first but gradually gaining momentum in line with her diminishing intelligence. Now they flopped out like huge udders, unnatural on the petite frame of a seventeen year’s old body. She was even starting to use them as hand rests.

When the orthodontist received the picture he buzzed through to one of the nurses on his intercom.

“Janey, can you get the papers ready please. We’ve got another patient ready to enrol in the bimbo teen programme”.

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