The Wishmaster – Go Bigger or Go Home

Everyday at the park, people of all ages gathered to take in the fresh air, bright sunshine, and warm atmosphere that it provided. You could find all kinds of kids playing tag, adults chit-chatting about hot gossip, and joggers getting their daily exercise in. It was a place for everyone to be happy. 

Now it just so happens on that day that there was a young hot dog vendor by the name of Abigail strolling the park. Nothing seemed out of place for the young twenty-something selling weiners until a sparkling shiny object caught her eye. Reaching down for it on the grass she came upon a dazzling ring. 

“Oooh you’re quite pretty aren’t you?” she said to herself, “I think I might just have to claim you as my own.”

No sooner had she adorned the ring to her own finger that she began to feel a special little tingle. It started at the core of her being and worked it’s way past her belly button down until it reached her special nether regions. There it rested, spreading a feeling of warmth and content to her entire body. Not expecting to feel such heat Abigail let out a refreshing sigh. 

“I am the sex genie of the Fertilia Empire” the ring whispered into her vulnerable ears, “You have found me and now it is custom to grant you 3 wishes. What is it you desire Mistress?”

Still caught up in the warmth that it provided, Abigail merely whispered back to the ring, “Where are you? Who are you? And why does this feel so good?”

“The who, where, and why are unimportant my dear seller of weiners.” it said back, “What matters is your desire. How can I help you attract more of what you sell?”

The dangerous words poisoned dear Abigail from resisting the genie’s temptations. She was a small business owner and if the genie could help her sell more hot dogs she was down for her assistance. She just needed to ask one more important question. 

“Genie,” she said nervously, “What do I need to wish for to increase my business and make more money?”

If the poor girl could’ve seen the genie smirk within the ring she would’ve tossed it to the side of the pavement and gone about her business. Yet, she couldn’t and so the ring told her what it could do for her.

“Honey, what does a successful chain restaurant like Hooters have over a tiny nobody girl like you?”

It was an odd question, Abigail thought, but Hooters was a popular place to eat for people. And the more she thought about it, the more one thing became painfully obvious to her. The girls that worked their all had bigger breasts than her. It served as an attraction for all the hungry males to eat and be entertained. Soon an idea clicked in her brain. She needed to expand her assets!

“Genie, Genie, Genie!” she said, “I know what I want my first wish to be! I wish for bigger boobs!”

“Good choice!” the ring responded, “A bigger pair of puppy sweaters coming right up!”

For a moment the world felt off. A woozy sensation gripped Abigail and the hot dog vendor doubled over onto the park bench. A wave of euphoria engulfed the woman as her breasts began to jut outwards. First growing into a b-cup and then a generous c-cup. By the time the first wish had faded an entirely new hot dog vendor had appeared. Sporting a fresh looking spring outfit and body. 

“Wow these are great!” she said, “I’m probably going to attract all kinds of business now. Thanks genie!”

“You’re welcome, but I think you still have a problem.” it said back, “you never specified how big you really wanted your breasts inflated. I don’t know if those new ones are quite big enough.” 

Abigail looked down and felt up her breasts. They were definitely nice, but the genie had a point. Were they really the best ones around? Kicking herself for her poor wish choice, she began to imagine the impact she would have with sporting a pair of huge knockers on her chest. Having huge boobs would be impossible for all the guys in the park to ignore. 

“Dammit, I think you’re right.” the young woman said, “I wish I had the best and biggest tits around!”

Warping reality once more, the Genie’s perverted magic was released into the world again. Targeting the modest girl with great boobs and turning her into something quite overtly sexual. As both her tits inflated, Abi felt her brain begin to numb. Two giant pillows now adorned the sex goddess who sold weiners. Her mind and body felt like it was on cloud nine. Nothing but happiness and pleasure filled her world. At least, not until the ring spoke again. 

“My, my, my, you are quite the vision now. How do you feel?”

“Like, incredible” Abi gushed, “My tits and pussy are just super duper sensitive. Hey! Why am I like, talking like a total bimbo now?”

After a few moments of sinister giggling from the ring, the genie spoke up, seductively purring into new bimbo’s ear. “You wanted the best and biggest tits my dear. The only kinds of girls who get to have those are the ditziest girls on the planet. Therefore, when you made the wish, I extended to you all the other traits that were attached to it. There’s no need to thank me.”

Abi’s face scrunched up a bit when she heard that. It all sounded a bit off. Just because she wanted the biggest and most sensitive titties didn’t mean she wanted to become a dumb little slut. Or did she? It was so hard for her to focus on any crucial or serious thought when her tits stuck out so comically. Feeling the denim of her new uniform come over her lewd looking beach balls was simply too electrifying for her to handle. 

“So mistress, you still have one more wish. Would you like me to make a suggestion on how to use it?”

Once again there was a nagging feeling at the base of Abi’s skull. A dull throbbing from her old self struggling to get through. One wish could reset everything, or at the very least, restore her old life back to the way it was. All she needed to do was form the words to do it. It was that or listen to what the sex genie had to say. And dumb girls like Abi did just that. 

“Well sexy genie, you’ve like, gotten me this far” she giggled twirling her hair. “What like, do you want me to wish for?”

The ring wasted no time making it’s final suggestion. “I think a sexy bimbo like you really shouldn’t be selling boring old hot dogs.” it purred, “That’s a poor woman’s job. I think you would be much better suited for a different job. Maybe a job where you got to service big juicy, yummy, cocks all day. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Abi never thought about changing careers so soon, but then again, she never thought she’d have money making melons either. She then looked down again at her ridiculous assets that she now had acquired. Minutes ago they had been mosquito bites, now she had trouble containing them within her obscene uniform. Her hard nipples now effortlessly poking against the denim straps. 

“You know genie! I like the way you think!” she said, “I wish I had like, the perfect job for my perfect body!”

Everything in the world faded to darkness, but soon enough Abi woke up in a luxurious bed. Cameras, lights, and sound equipment all pointed at her as she felt the rock hard cock of her male co-star enter her dripping wet cunt. The cock split her wide open and in minutes the deep pounding he gave her caused her to cum like she never had before. In the coming years she filmed over five hundred professional and amateur films, attended countless adult conventions and performed in many premium webcam shows. By the time she was at her peak, she had become one of the most popular porn stars in the whole world. Yes, Abi Jugs had gotten her professional success. And it was all thanks to the huge assets that were now permanently stuck on her chest. 

As for the ring, it mysteriously evaporated into thin air. Lost into the world again until another unsuspecting soul could collect and use it…

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