The Catch


This is my gift to @amieebimbo for her birthday. Hope everyone likes it.

Amy couldn’t believe her luck. Just a week ago she was single, fat and ugly and now she was dating James the hottest guy in school and had a beautiful athletic body.

She had been looking into a magic as a solution to her weight and had given up hope when she found one that guaranteed everything and more. The spell had promised to not only make her lose weight but to become pretty too however the catch was she could no longer orgasm until she was married. If broken the spell warned of an irreversible curse.

Amy was fine with this as she wanted to wait until marriage to lose her virginity and she rarely masterbated as she had always been too self conscious. However now that she felt more confident and pretty her mind had started to wander to naughty thoughts more often.


One night as she lay in bed finishing up some light reading she mused to herself about how good her life was now. Perfect body, perfect boyfriend, perfect life. A smile crept across her face at the thought of James and his ripped body. She bit her bottom lip thinking about it. She could feel herself getting more and more wet.

“No! I gotta stop. Can’t orgasm. Then again maybe I can do everything but…” She thought out loud slowly moving her hand to her striped panties. She slowly massaged her pussy over her underwear just enough to have it feel good.

“Mmmmm oh yeah that’s better.” She moaned as she pictured James bending her over and taking her up the ass. She stopped.


“Wait I want James to make love to me one day not fuck me like some common slut.” She thought.

She pushed the image out of her mind and instead pictured James caressing her face and kissing her deeply. He moved his hand up to her hair and stroked it. He moved his head lower until his face was in her pussy. Her hand absentmindedly slipped under her panties and she sunk her fingers in as he went to work filling her insides with his tongue.


“I’m so glad you became such a hot bitch Amy, your body is so fuckable.” James said. Again she stopped in mild shock of her mind running away with itself. 

“James would never say that to me. He’s a good boy who treats me right.” Amy said trying to shake the moment away. She caught her own reflection in her mirror propped up against the wall and noticed her hand down her panties. She should of been mortified but it actually turned her on to see her like that.

“Mmmmm then again look at me, I do look good enough to eat.” She said as her fingers started to move more rapidly.


She nonchalantly lifted her shirt high enough to play with her nipples. She smiled to herself as her mind began to race with not just James fucking her but all the hottest guys and girls getting a piece of her. 

“With a body like mine I could have men eating out of the palm of my hand… or somewhere even tastier.” She said looking down at her rapid finger movements suddenly wanting to lick her fingers clean.


Her mind now was picturing not just sexual fantasies but power ones too. She had long been bullied for her weight and looks but now that she was the hottest girl in school she didn’t have to take it anymore. In fact she could dish it out.

“Why should I have to pretend I’m not the hottest bitch in school when clearly I am. All those bullying girls will have to get used to the new me being in charge. Mmmmm yessssss it feels good to be so fucking hot.” Amy said loosing any urge to slow down and fast approaching an orgasm.


“In fact why waste any time in school? I should be running the streets. Men would pay to grovel at my feet. No they will pay to grovel at my feet! Oh fuck no wait this is wrong! This isn’t me! I’m a good girl!” She said trying to stop herself but couldn’t break her fingers away. She was so close to cumming she thought if she didn’t she might explode.

“No must fight it! This is the curse! If I cum I’m become an evil bitch with no remorse. No responsibilities. Mmmmm no one to answer to. No rules for who I can and can’t fuck. No penalty for orgasming. Ohhhhh fuck this doesn’t sound like a curse it sounds like a gift. No I want this! I need this. I should of embraced this from the start. Amy died as a little fat girl, it’s Amiee’s time to live as a sex goddess.” Amiee said verging on the cliff edge of the best orgasm of her life.


She allowed the wave of naughty and perverse images infect her mind. She pictured how people would stare at her and she love it. They would fear her, love her, want and need her. She would become every man’s dream and nightmare. This sent her over the edge and she came over and over again each subsequent orgasm removing the good from her until all that was left was Aimee.

All compassion seemed to drain from her face as she slowly removed her fingers and licked her fingers dry just as she wanted. She stood up and took in her figure more vainly then ever before.

“Mmmmm that was a good apetiser but I need to go find the main course.” She said with a wicked smile crossing her lips. She pulled a dress out of the closet and quickly took a pair of scissors to it making it as short as possible. She slipped into the dress eagerly and did her makeup. She looked in the mirror as if seeing herself for the time. She thought back to how she looked and acted just a week earlier and she was filled with disgust.

“Ugh I need to find a cock to put in me so the memory of that loser Amy can be killed off once and for all. Thankfully because of how I look now that won’t be a problem.” Aimee said walking out the door into her new life.


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