“Ugh, will you just shut up and help me get this thing off my wrist? We’re supposed to sort the pieces for the archeological exhibit I don’t know if this is Greek or Macedonian.

Why did I put it on? I don’t know, Einstein. It just felt weird — as if it was warm and cold at the same time. Now quit prattling on your miserable failure of a date with that dumb blonde last night and help me get it off. Its starting to itch.

Plus, I think I’m allergic to it. Ick, I don’t feel so good.”

“Seriously, I feel, like, kinda weird. Everything’s like kinda fuzzy… Ya know? So get it off me already.

How? I dunno, pull it? You’re pretty strong, right? I mean, you look pretty good. Have… have you been working out?

No? Oh, well, whatever.

Back… back to your apartment? Oh, because you have tools there. You’re so smart sometimes. Seriously, I totally lucked out when it comes to lab partners.


Thanks… thanks for doing all this for me. You’re really sweet.

You know, it sucks that girl blew you off last night. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Can… Can I tell you something.

I’ve…. I’ve kinda got a crush on you. I didn’t want to say anything because we work together and I thought it would make things weird if you didn’t like me and I thought you didn’t like me because you’re always trying to go on dates with these weird party girls and I thought you wouldn’t even want to date a girl like me and… and… and….

You… like me too?


Well, maybe we can go back to your place and… I dunno… Nexflix and chill?


And maybe you can fuck my face, too? Pretty please?

Wait… why did I say that? My… my wrist. It feels funny again.. I…

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