“I love my wife. She’s a sick fuck just like me. Any other woman would catch their husband spying on their daughter and what…yell at him? Divorce him? Call the police? My wife isn’t like that, oh no…she helps me. She offers to buy my daughter extra-revealing tanning-only swimsuits so long as she promises not to wear them outside of our property. My daughter isn’t the brightest, although I don’t know how many daughters would think ‘oh it isn’t that Mom is open-minded…no she wants to help me get Daddy’s cock hard.’ She plays her role in our sick games though. Every weekend she lays in the back yard while my wife jacks me off. I tell her just what I want to do to our daughter, how I want to fuck her, use her…god…usually she gets so hot that after I cum she drags me into the bedroom for round two. If only my daughter knew she was foreplay for her parents, porn to get us in the mood.”

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