“Nikki what have you done?” Cassie asked, not able to take her eyes off of the barely recognizable girl on the bed.

Her friend of many years didn’t even seem to recognize Cassie. Sophie’s eyes drooped and her mouth hung open, as if she had been put through so much trauma in the past few hours that she was barely awake.

Nikki looked at Sophie then back at Linda and Cassie, “Do you like her? All you have to do is say the word and she becomes your every fantasy.  We were just playing ‘Cheap Vietnamese Hooker’, isn’t that right Ling-Ling?”

Sophie flinched at her new name, “Ling-Ling love dick!  Ling-Ling suck dick for dolla’!”

Nikki giggled giddily and sighed, “She’s so hot you guys…”

“Nikki!” Cassie yelled, finally catching up with herself, “What is wrong with you?”

Nikki’s feelings were hurt. “I can’t help it alright!  It just makes me so…so…  I feel so good when I watch it.  When I watch her change in front of me…”

“But, that’s Sophie!  That’s our friend!”

Nikki shrugged her shoulders, “What’s the big deal?  We can change her back, just like we did with you…”

Excerpt from Mr Grey’s “Camp Whol-Nu-Yu”

Image is Kaho Shibuya

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