“Honeeyyy? Im soo boooored!”

“Not now, baby, I really need to focus on these contracts here, and you have distracted me the whole morning already…”

“Distracted?” *giggles* “I remember you FUCKED me, honey. Three times. And you didn’t seem distracted at all. You were staring at my tits the whole time and… oooh, hooneeeyy? Can you fuck me now, pleeease?”

“Really, baby, I really, relly need to… no… stop that!”

*Giggles* “But it looks as if your cock is not interested in papers and contracts.”

“Baby, please, I need to concentrate, and I can’t concentrate, if you… oh… my… God!”

*Slurp* “Then concentrate on your wife who needs a good fuck! See? You are hard in no time.”

“I start to regret I introduced you to this bimbo tattoo shop…”

*Giggles* “No! That was your best idea, like… evah!”

“Baby, stop that. The first tattoo was fun, yes. But since you have the second one…”

“My tits are bigger!”

“Yes, that too, but also…”

“My gag reflex is gone. Didn’t you like my deep throat this morning?”

“Yes, baby, I liked that, but your sexdrive is a bit… you don’t seem to… Oh, please stop… stop… oh, fuck! You’re such an incredible cocksucking bitch, baby!”

*Slurp* *Slurp* “I think this big boy needs a tight, wet pussy, hmmm?”

“Yes… oooh… yes… turn around, baby. Turn around and show me your ass!”

*Giggles* “Now those are words I like to hear! Here, honey… Do you like that, hmmm? Ooooh, my tight little pussy is sooo wet, please, please fuck me! Fuck me!”


“AAAAH! OOOOH! Fuck me! Harder! Yes! Yesss! And… and… mmmmh… tomorrow, I’ll get a third tattoo!”

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