Supportive Partner (Part 2)

Sequel to this caption

It had been a week, at least, and my girlfriend still was drifting further away from her old self.

I know that she had lost all her college education, and probably what she’d learned in high school years too.

She’d likely forgotten what it was like before, when she was a skinny, pasty, prude.

Maybe she thought it had always been like this.

Maybe, deep down, she had always wanted to be like this, and had just been waiting for me to change her.

Whatever the case, now she was having fun playing a naive little girl for the camera. Hummping her teddy bear when ‘daddy’ wasn’t home.

Of course, I still saw everything on her live shows. And I knew she was hoping to get ‘caught’ and punished.

I’d make sure that would happen very soon. Tomorrow, she’ll apologize for being such a slutty little girl, live on camera, while she road my cock.

If she did a really good job telling me how sorry she was, maybe a little crying and begging, then I might even let her have some new toys to play with on her show.

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