My Boyfriend is SO Silly!



He is so funny! My boyfriend has the silliest ideas sometimes! He’s out there laughing because I told him he was saying shit again! He’s actually trying to convince me he managed to hypnotize me! Like THAT would ever happen! I would die before that happened! I mean… I can’t understand people who go to those shows and let the hypnotist make them do silly things on stage. How embarrassing!! 

There he goes again… Rambling on about how he changed me… 

Of course I always wore revealing clothes. I LOVE putting my body on display! Especially for him! I mean… He IS my boyfriend! He SHOULD enjoy my body!

Oh my god! Like I would EVER refuse his fore play! I LOVE it when he fucks me on a whim! In any way he wants! I LOVE it! 

Holy shit!!! He should really hear himself! He’s actually trying to make me think I refused to suck his cock before he supposedly hypnotized me. I LOVE giving him his daily blowjobs! He tastes so yummy! 

Speaking of which… Maybe I can distract him from his silly notions if I kneel sweetly between his legs…

Like I’d ever let him change me! I’m the perfect fuckdoll girlfriend!

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