Incremental Improvements

“Hmm? What was that, honey?”

Oh, nothing. Are you feeling ok?

“I guess. I feel a little… Well, do my clothes look smaller?”

No, no sweetie. You look like your normal, sexy self.

“Hehe. Really you think I look sexy?”

Oh, you always look really sexy…


“Stop it! You know I, like, always like to get dressed up for you!”

Oh, of course. Are you sure you feel normal? Nothing different?

“Nope! Though I guess I’m a little… Wazza word?”


“Yeah! Ditzy! Hehe…”


“Wait… What was I doin’? Wasn’t I getting ready for work or something…”

No, no. You don’t go to work, remember?

“Oh… Yeah. I guess I remember! I just stay here and look sexy, right daddy?”

That’s right. Stay home and be a good wife. And remember why?


“Because when I’m daddy’s dumb, slutty wife, he’ll fuck a baby in me?”

That’s right! And that’s all you’re good for, aren’t you?

“Hmm? What was that, daddy? I wuz spacing out again. Hey, do I look really hot and stuff? Like, daddy’s knocked up Asian bimbo?”

Oh, of course sweetie. It’s what you always wanted.

All photos: missnaomiper

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