Costume Chaos – Every Party Needs Balloons


Author’s Note: Here’s the other story I did for Halloween. It involves a girl who does that thing alot of people do with helium balloons for some unexpected and interesting results.

Tags: MC, GR, Bimbo, Inflation

Amanda unpacked the balloon kit, she’d picked it up at a Thrift Store. It boasted over one hundred Halloween themed balloons and a helium canister with enough to fill them all. She went through the instructions that all seemed pretty standard, even had a step by step for inflating and tying. Getting to the end of it she rolled her eyes, as always it had a warning “Do not inhale helium from balloon.” Everyone knew you weren’t supposed to inhale the helium but everyone did anyway, it was hilarious and fun and always good at parties.

Regardless she began the work of inflating the balloons and she had to admit she was impressed with the variety. Pumpkins, skulls, blood spattered clear ones, and so many others encompassing a wide spectrum of spooky fun. She was about halfway done when she handled the one she had just finished inflating. It was a zombie head and the print on it had come out really well. She looked at the warning again and shrugged, “what harm could one do?” She gave a conspiratory glance to the room before putting the neck of the balloon to her lips and released the gas.

To her surprise the balloon inverted as she inhaled, causing her to swallow the balloon and entire balloon worth of helium. She coughed as she felt the burn of the gas and the foreign object that had made it’s way down to her stomach. “God, what the hell!” she spluttered out, her voice having that infamous squeak.

“This is so not funny” she said before considering it for a moment. “Like, that’s totally not how I talk n’ stuff” before letting out a high pitched giggle. She couldn’t help it she just sounded so funny, she had to giggle. This went on for a couple of minutes as she giggled like a maniac at the sound of her own giggling. She attempted to stop a couple of times before a feeling of vertigo overwhelmed her “Like, my head feels totally funny”

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