Out of character message: Fuck racism and misogyny.

Five years ago, I didn’t imagine I’d have to clarify this. Some of this was probably naïvety on my part, thinking people could delineate sexual fantasy from reality. But even if I was ignorant, the toxic nature of my fetishes have seeped into the real world.

Notifications that some of my content was being liked and reblogged by Russian propaganda accounts. It’s not a jump to assume sock puppet bots aggregated controversial topics like ‘race play’ and ‘misogyny’.

I’ve seen bimbofication art, including some from people I’ve commissioned in the past, be reused on Incel subreddits. I’ve read heart wrenching accounts of celebrity eroitic stories fueling years of harassment and rape threats.*

While I’m not going to remove or stop posting content, I’m going to try and be a positive voice in my community. Maybe it’ll be shout into the void. Maybe it’s delusional to think I can continue participating in such a morally challenging community without being complicit with it’s negative effects.

But if only for my own peace of mind, let me be clear: I find this shit hot because it’s wrong. There’s appeal because it turns me on, on some level, sometimes because it’s reprehensible and ignorant. I don’t deny it’s something I’m attracted to, but it’s palatable and innocuous because it’s housed in fantasy.

In the real fucking world…

  • I think consent is essential.
  • I think race is a man made, scientifically disconnected social construct that’s been used to justify some of humanity’s worst actions.
  • I think, like misogyny, race can and does continue to disadvantage and dehumanize individuals on an insidiously systemic scale.
  • I think we’re still exploring how deep these biases run, and how we can productively discuss and deconstruct them in the sunlight of politics, media and academia.

If you’re into race play, fetishized gender dynamics, incest, ageplay… whatever, I hope you enjoy the content I publish here. I also hope you know I believe none of these views or events could live outside of fantasy. Outside of fantasy, they can become ugly, twisted hate.

Don’t be an asshole. Keep your fantasies where they belong. Share them where you can healthily do so. Don’t impose them where they can damage or hurt people in real ways.

That’s all I’m going to say at the moment. Apologies if you’re a loving, empathetic kinkster and I just harshed your vibe with some selfish soapboxing.

Singed – a semi anonymous person who gets turned on by some messed up stuff.

* Aside: To be clear, these are posts removed from context and cropped/editing to radically alter intent. I’m pretty liberal about cultural remixing and reapprotation: I think art and expression transcend original authorial intent. Most of Tumblr is reusing images and content without explicit permission, and I’m no exception.Though I credit and identify creators, and I hope others do the same, if given the choice between no attribution and no reuse, I’d chose the former.

These cases I’m discussing are content being weaponized for political purpose, misrepresenting communities and creators.

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