Cleaning Up


Yong-hui scowled. She did not like this young man, Edgar Chu. His money was good and his patronage regular. But the jobs he asked her to do! None of the clothing was his, she didn’t think, and the diversity of sizes plus the number made her certain there were many women involved. 

The elaborate, obscene costumes and unspeakable stains told her exactly what sorts of women they weren’t!


“Hello Mrs. Chung!” The young man said, cheerful as ever, seemingly oblivious to her disapproving scowl. “We’re you able to get the stain out of the maid’s uniform?”

It was hardly a uniform. It was a costume at best, underwear at worse.  But she had gotten the unpleasant stain out. She nodded, never ceasing her disapproving glare.

“"Maids do get filthy, do they not?” He exclaimed, as if daring her to admit she knew what the stains were. “"But I can always count on you, Mrs. Chung! You’re the best! The best!”

She’d gladly be the second best if it meant Edgar Chu would take his business elsewhere.

“"As a matter of fact, you’re so good at the tough cleaning jobs, I wanted to ask you if you would consider doing some house cleaning for me?”

“"No. I clean clothes. Not house. Just clothes,” she insisted.

“"Oh, come on, Mrs. Chung!” he said.  “Don’t refuse before you even know what I’m offering! You wouldn’t say know to this, would you?”

He held up a big, golden coin and flipped it toward her. It spun, glinting in the air and she caught it on instinct.

It kept spinning.

Wait, that couldn’t be right.  Could it? She had caught it. But it was still spinning. Was she spinning? Was reality itself spinning?

Yong-hui felt dizzy. Everything went dark.


“You’re the best, Yong-hui! The best! Everything is so clean!”

Yong-hui shook herself.  Where had her mind been? She felt like she’d just woken up! But looking about, blinking, she’d clearly been very busy! And lucky for her!  Mr. Chu was home early!

“Thank you, Mr. Chu, Sir!” She told her employer as she wiped away a missed grease spot from above the stove.  She had to admit, she had done a fabulous job cleaning Mr. Chu’s house.


“I have the best housekeeper in the world!” He praised, reaching out to cup her bare ass with affectionate possessiveness.

Yong-hui giggled and wiggled her coquettish behind.  Had she not been glad of her employer’s touch, she would never have agreed to the ‘uniform’.  Indeed, the day he had asked her to wear it was one of her happiest. It meant all her flirtation with her wealthy and powerful employer was paying off!

“I like do good work for you, Mr. Chu, Sir!” She said. 

Her English had improved significantly over the past few months, but she found Mr. Chu seemed to like it when she made little mistakes.  

“You do very, very good work, Yong-hui!! He said, kneeding her ass.

“I show you house, Mr. Chu?” She asked, and when he agreed, she showed him about the house, letting him expect her work as she bent over and gestured to maximize Mr. Chu’s view of her tits and ass and legs. 

She didn’t even remember cleaning the house, but thank goodness she had done a great job! Mr. Chu was very, very happy with her. She could tell by how he now had to shuffle when he walked.

"Yong-hui made bed!” She announced as they reached the last room of the inspection tour. “"But Yong-hui can make bed again later…”

Mr. Chu took the hint. He grabbed hold of her and kissed her passionately, then through her on the bed and proceeded to thoroughly undo her work as she cried out in passion.

Her uniform was still half-on three rounds later. She had offered to take it off, but Mr. Chu liked it. Now it was soaked in sweat and smeared here and their with other things as Yong-hui adoringly stroked his cock, bringing it to attention again.

“You really are the best housekeeper I’ve ever had, Yong-hui” Mr. Chu observed, languidly admiring her tits.

"Thank you, Mr. Chu, Sir!! She said.  “"Yong-hui love to polish!”

And upon saying this, Mr. Chu’s cock went off, spurting hot gobs of man goo that spattered all over her. She squealed happily.  It truly was amazing just how much fluid could come out of her employer.  She was dripping!

"Good girl, Yong-hui,” he praised as she grinned through the goo.  “"You earned a tip.”

He reached into his bedside table drawer and pulled out a big gold coin and flipped it towards her. 

 It spun.  She caught it. It continued to spin.

Things went dark.


"Oh, hey, Uncle Edgar!” Yong-hui said as if she hadn’t expected to see her rich uncle but was delighted to run into him. In front of his house.

"Well hello, Yong-hui!” He said, looking her up and down.  “How is your first year of college going?”

“Oh, it’s like, really good and all.  I’m learning lots,” she lied. “"But money’s, like, really tight. I’ve got to buy used books and at the end of the week I hardly ever have enough left to go out with friends. I feel like I’m missing the ‘college experience’ you know?”

“"Oh, well, we can’t have that,” her uncle said.  “"Why don’t you come in and we’ll see what we can do.”

Yes! Yong-hui knew the outfit would do the trick! The horny bastard!

"I was just about to make myself a cocktail,” he said, jest urging to his bar. “You don’t drink, do you?”

“"Are you asking as much mother’s brother or as someone who’s offering,” she asked, coyly crossing her hands behind her back and waggling her tits from side to side.

Uncle Edgar chuckled and said “"what’s your poison?”

“G&T with a lime, if you’ve got one,” she said.

“Always,” he said.  “"I like a lady who knows what she wants.”

“You like thinking you can get your 19-year old niece drunk, you,old goat,” she thought to,herself. “But I can hold my liquor. Can you?”

As she thought it might be, the drink he handed her was more gin than tonic, but she knew how to pace herself. As Uncle Edgar made himself something brown, he waxed reminiscent on his own college days and how he had wished he spent more time socializing.

She had him just where she wanted him.

“Here, let me freshen that up for you,” he said, pouring from the gin bottle straight into her glass, which somehow was three quarters empty.  When had that happened? Had she spilled?

“Thank you, Uncle Edgar,” she said, resolving to pay more attention.

“So, I,do have a housekeeper, but I suppose I could pay you to,do a few odd jobs around the house,” he was saying.  “Things do tend to get dirty quickly around here for some reason.”

This was not how this was supposed to go! She placed a hand delicately, flirtatiously on her uncle’s arm.

“Unksle Edgar,” she pouted.  “You don’ wan me a clean yer bafroom jus’ fer a lil’ beer money, do you?”

"You seem to have graduated past beer, Yong-hui,” he observed. "You want another?” 

Her glass was empty.  When had that happened? How many times had it happened? No matter.

"Ya, sure,” she said, taking the drink he had already made at some point and drinking gratfully. “"My point is that my point is tha’ i don’ needs a job. Jus’ a lil’ spenning only while I get my ejucashun. I mean, I could get a job if I neezed one. An’ makes loss more an’ cleaning houses!”

“What sort of job could you do?” He asked, kindly refilling her glass.

“There’s a girl in my dorm tha’ wors part time a’ genlmens club,” she said. “She mays sooo much money!”

“As a stripper?” He asked as she sucked down her drink quick to avoid spilling again.

“Yep! She ges huuuuge tits! <hip> I mean tips,” she said.  “"She doesn’ have huge tips. I mean tits. I could make bigger tits cuz I have bigger tits.”

“You wouldn’t really take a job like that, would you Yong-hui?” Her uncle asked.

“As, Unkie Edgar!” She said, running a finger down his chest. “Can’ you ‘ yer swee’ lil’ niece givin’ a lap dance a’ some sweaty, horny stranger a’ some seedy bar?”

“No, I don’t think so,” he shook his head.  "I don’t think you ever would. I think you’re just trying to shock me so I’ll give you money.”

“I can to’ly do it!” She said.  “To’ly! I’ll show you!  I’ll show you right now!”

Uncle Edgar shrugged skeptically but turned on his sound system and sat down in a chair in challenge.

This was Yong-hui’s chance! Swaying her hips clumsily but seductively to Aerosmith’s Ragdoll, she advanced on her uncle, intent on showing him what a great stripper she could be, if she wanted to.

Leaning forward to give him a long peak down her blouse as she ran a hand along his thigh blew away his skeptical smirk. She was fucking awesome at this! Uncle Edgar was getting such a hard on!

And damn but he was hung! She never would have suspected!

She tossed his hair and then straddled him and pressed down. Uncle was really, really hung!

She ground and ground agains his cock in  Ime to the music, some times leaning back to shake her tits, sometimes leaning forward to press them against her uncle’s face. His eyes were wid and his stare agape when she leaned back again.

“Are you gonna gib me a pressen’ Uncle Edgar?” She asked. “"Are you gonna gib yer slutty lil’ niece a tip? Jus’ the tip?”

Edgar’s eyes rolled back and he came, drooling a bit and gurgling as he did so. Yong-hui giggled in drunken triumph.

“Damn it, Yong-hui!” He said once he came down from orgasm. “You weren’t supposed to make me come!”

Yong-hui was confused. She wasn’t?

"But…you liked it!” She objected.

"Well, yeah, but these pants are expensive,” he said, pushing her unceremoniously of her perch to sprawl in a confused, drunken heap on the floor as he inspected the dark patch on his tailored trousers.

“Damn it,” he said, looking at the spot and ignoring the clear view up her short skirt.

“"I can fish it!” Yong-hui insisted, determined to get back in her rich uncle’s good graces.  "I can clean it!”

“"I thought you didn’t want to clean,” he disparaged as she pawed at his pants, trying to remember how they came off. “But I guess you can try.”
He undid his  pants, which helped her get them off significantly, and she stared at the spot his semen had made, trying to think how to get it out. She did the first thing that came to mind.  

She licked it.

She liked it.

She licked it more.

She started to suck at the cloth.  She started to moan. She was eating her uncle’s cum and she liked it!

Her left hand found her pussy and she started to stroke, making her own wet spot worse as she tried to make her uncle’s better.

"So I guess you’re not to arrogant to do a little cleaning after all, hey Yong-hui?” Her uncle praised.

"Mmmm!” She agreed.

“Here, try soaking it with a little gin,” he said, pouring the liquor on his pants.  “Gin and slut-spit are best for getting out semen stains.”

She groaned her gratitude and continued to suck and stroke, for how long, she wasn’t sure.

All she knew was she was even drinker when her uncle gently tugged his pants away from her and then less gently tugged at hiserect cock until he was cuming all over her.  

She squealed in delight and tried to catch gobbets of her new favorite treat, though most landed on her face, hair, tits and clothes.

As she lay in a gooey, dripping mess on the floor, her uncle sighed in satisfaction and gave his cock a final shake.

“Well, Yong-hui, I guess you earned a tip,” he said, and retrieved a gold coin from a compartment in the bar.

He flipped it toward her.  It spun.  She caught it.

It kept spinning…


Yong-hui smiled at the John.  What was his name? Edgar.  He didn’t look like an Edgar.  Of course, he didn’t look like the sort of guy who could afford to pay for all the ‘ extras’ her pimp assured her he had paid for.

“So, my ‘agent’ tells me you have a bunch of different outfits for me tonight,” she said.  “And that we’ll be getting them pretty messy.”

“That’s right,” he said.  “"He said you were into it.”

“Oh yeah! You pay for water sports, I’m into water sports! But I gotta warn you, if we do it in here, the couch will never be the same.”

"Oh, I don’t know about that,” he said.  “I have a very talented dry cleaner.”

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