Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 2

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“Not bad…” Nikki said, looking around the commons area of the campground.  Trees curtained the surrounding area behind the wooden cabins circling the camp.  Nikki, Sophie, and Cassie felt completely alone, as if the rest of the world was just a distant memory, and this was now all that existed.

A white flag rippled in the wind above them at the top of a flag pole.  The words “Camp Whol-Nu-Yu!” was stitched across it in black.

“Hi there!” came a voice from behind them.  The three girls spun around to see a woman who looked a lot like the woman at the front gates, but still someone different…  “I’m Tammi!  Are you here for the counseling position?”  The woman had a voice like a five year old and a smile like a pageant queen.  Her blonde locks curled around her made-up face like tassels.

“Um…  Yes, we are,” Cassie finally answered, noticing how the bottom of the woman’s ass could clearly be seen due to the length of the shorts she was wearing…

“Cool!  Follow me and I’ll take you to orientation!“

The three girls reluctantly followed the giddy woman across the commons area to a larger cabin with a set of steps leading up to the front door.

Once inside, the girls were shocked.

Every woman there had the same style as the woman as the gate and Tammi.  They all had tight uniforms with porn star sized breasts.  Some had blonde hair, a few had red or brown.  But they were all made up like Barbie dolls and just as happy to be there as Tammi.  “Like, hi!” came the greetings as the three girls walked through the cabin.  Cassie, Nikki, and Sophie nervously answered back the greetings, trying to keep up with Tammi.  Finally, they made it to a living room with a fire place and several normal looking girls sitting around, looking just as weirded out as them.

Tammi sat the three down and told the group of girls that it would only be minute before Mr. Max arrived to welcome them.  Tammi left and closed the door, leaving the girls alone.

“What the hell is this place?” Sophie asked, “This doesn’t seem like a camp for troubled kids, Nikki.  What kind of place have you brought us to?”

Nikki was just as surprised, “I don’t know.  Some friend of my dad’s said that they were looking for girls like me!  I just figured you guys would have wanted to come along…  Geez… Excuse me for caring…”

Cassie saw that Nikki was offended, “Nikki, that’s not what she was saying’”

“How do you know what I’m saying’” Sophie interrupted, only to be interrupted by one of the other girls.

“Guys, calm down.”  Nikki, Cassie, and Sophie looked up at the girl.  “My name’s Linda.  I just think we all need to keep are heads right now, because I think something is going on that we’re not supposed to know about…”

“What makes you so smart?” Nikki asked.

“My friend, Amy, counseled here once…” the other girls listened intently to Linda’s story, “She was a great girl with a nice future ahead of her, never did anything wrong in her life and never got into any trouble, but after she went away for the summer to work here, she never came back…”

“What happened to her?” Cassie asked, getting scared.

“Nobody knows.  The police looked into it, but they couldn’t find anything.  The camp was clean. They said that she left.”

Nikki wasn’t believing any of this, “Well, if you think this is some kind of kidnapping camp, why did you come here?”

“I have to find out what happened to her,” Linda explained, “I just know that this place is hiding something.  This…Mr. Max guy…  He knows where Amy’s at.  I know it.”

As if he had heard her, Mr. Max then decided to show his face.

All the girls flinched as the door was suddenly opened.  Standing in the doorframe was a tall man with graying hair.  “Hello girls,” he said with a warm smile, “I’m so glad to meet you all.”

All eyes were on Mr. Max as he stepped to the center of the room.  A few of the ditzy women were watching him from the adjacent room, as if they were his followers.  Cassie noticed this, feeling a chill run down her back.

Something wasn’t right…

“As you may have noticed, this isn’t your typical camp.”  The girls looked around at each other, hearing their thoughts dictated.  “You may have come here under the impression that you would be counseling…children.  Right?”  The girls nodded, hanging on every word.  “Well, that’s not exactly true.  The only ones getting counseling are already here, but you are also counselors yourself.”

The girls were very confused now.

“Tammi!  Let’s start the changing process!”

Just then, another door opened, one behind Cassie, Sophie, and Nikki.  Tammi appeared, smiling as usual, and said, “Right this way girls!”

The girls looked at each other, unsure.  Mr. Max finally spoke up, “One at a time, girls.  You first!” He said pointing at one of the girls.  She looked confused, but stood up and walked into the room Tammi was inviting her into.  With a slam, Tammi closed the door as strange sounds began to come from the room.

“What do you mean by ‘changing process’?” Sophie asked Mr. Max.

Mr. Max seemed pleased that one of the girls was approaching him directly.  With a smile he answered, “Well…it’s a way to help you girls adjust to the camp lifestyle.”

“And what’s the ‘camp lifestyle’?” another girl asked.

“Oh, you’ll find out’” Mr. Max said, interrupted by Tammi opening the door to ask for another girl.  The first girl didn’t seem to be in the room any more.  Cassie could see that there were other women in the room, all dressed like the others in green ranger outfits, smiling with anticipation.

Mr. Max sent another girl into the room then continued, “We try to establish a sense of unity between you girls.”

“How do you do that?” Linda asked.

“The uniforms help everyone know that they are part of a group…a community!” he said with a smile.

“Uniforms?” Nikki asked, horrified by such regulations.

“Oh, of course!  But that’s just the beginning…  Each of you girls will truly look like you belong to Camp Whol-Nu-Yu after Tammi and her team get finished with all of you.”

Cassie was getting scared.  She whispered to Sophie, “That doesn’t sound very comforting.”  Sophie shook her head in agreement, just as scared.

Tammi returned, “Next!”  She giggled as she waited for another girl to be sent to her.

This time, Mr. Max pointed at Sophie.  “Your turn,” he ordered.

Cassie squeezed her friends hand.  Nikki looked at her with unsure eyes.  Sophie just nodded her head and went into the room.

“So what are we here for if we’re not counseling children?” one girl asked.

“Well, you’ll be counseling each other!” Mr. Max said plainly.

“I don’t need counseling!” Nikki argued.

“See?  That’s just part of it.  All girls need counseling.  You girls are going to help each other realize this and help each other.”  Cassie didn’t like the way he said ‘all girls need counseling’.  “Tammi is in there right now doing  wonderous things for you girls.  You’ll see once you’re done’”

“Next!” giggled Tammi as she poked her head through the door.

Cassie froze as Mr. Max pointed at her.  “You.  You’re next.”

Cassie didn’t want to move.  She just wanted to go home now.  She didn’t want to be a camp counselor anymore.  She didn’t want the pay.  She didn’t want to graduate high school.  She just wanted everything to go back to the way they were.  She didn’t want’  “Now,” Mr. Max commanded.

Cassie was compelled to obey.  She stood up and went towards Tammi’s smiling face.  Tammi took her hand and led her into the brightly lit room. Once inside she became more confused than scared.  There were several women in here, all smiling and holding various objects.

“First, let’s do the hair and make-up!” Tammi said.

Cassie was attacked from all sides as she was pushed into a chair and had her hair assaulted with chemicals and scissors by the women.  While this was going on, some women were painting her fingernails and toenails, while others were applying lipstick, blush, and eye shadow to her face.  When they were finished, Tammi held up a mirror.

Cassie couldn’t believe it.

“How did you…?” she asked, touching a hand to the face she hardly recognized.

She looked as if she had been at a beauty salon all day.  Cassie couldn’t believe how she looked.  She looked like one of them!  Her brown hair was platinum blonde and so thick!  And the make-up…  “You did that so fast’” she said, being cut off by Tammi’s next command.

“Alright, let’s get her clothes off!”

Before Cassie could respond, her clothes were ripped from her body.  The women all giggled and gasped, having a blast but seemed horrified by Cassie’s taste in clothes.  Tammi took Cassie’s bra and panties off, tossing them to the ground.  “Wait just a min’!” Cassie tried to protest, but it was no use.

One of the women walked up to Cassie with some sort of bottled chemical in her hands.  She poured some into her palm and then lunged at Cassie’s naked chest.  Cassie’s A-cup breasts disappeared under the woman’s small hands.  “This’ll make your boobies grow!” she said happily.  Cassie was horrified as she glanced at the breasts of the woman speaking.  They were ridiculously large.  Cassie had a pretty good idea of the proportions these sick women had in mind.

“Now for the uniform!” Tammi commanded.

A ranger’s outfit was presented to Cassie.  One just like the one all these women wore, only this one was bright yellow, not green.  Cassie was quickly dressed and stood up.  “All done!” Tammi said.  Cassie was quickly rushed across the room to a different door and shoved out of the room.

It was like the world finally slowed down to catch up with Cassie as she sighed and looked around.  The other girls were sitting in here, one crying, one pacing…

“Cassie?”  It was Sophie.

Cassie could still tell it was Sophie, but it looked nothing like her.  She still had her red hair, but it was short and spiky.  “Sophie!”

The two girls embraced.

“What’s going on?” Cassie asked, starting to cry.

“I don’t know.  But, I can assure you, we’re going to get out of here tonight’”

“You can’t leave…” a voice said.  Cassie and Sophie turned toward it to find the crying girl looking at them.  It was the first girl that had gone into Tammi’s room.  She now looked nothing like her formal self.  “This place is in the middle of nowhere.  (sniffle)  And they keep all the exits guarded at all times…”  The girl stared at the ground, “There’s no way to escape this place.”

Just then, the door opened and Nikki was pushed into the room.

“Nikki!” Sophie and Cassie shouted.

Nikki still looked stunning as usual, except Nikki had never looked like a full-out slut the way she did now.  Nikki looked over herself and looked up at her friends.

“I kinda like it…”


After all the girls were put through the changing process, Mr. Max assembled them all outside in the commons area.  The sun had set and the only light was the bright lamp poles scattered around the area.

“You girls will thank us when you’re through…” Mr. Max said looking over them all.

“We didn’t ask for this,” Linda said coldly, now sporting a long, blonde hairstyle that reached the middle of her back and glittery pink eye shadow.

“Oh, but you deserve it, young lady,” Mr. Max responded, “And you’ll come to realize this the longer you’re here.”

He paced around the front of the crowd of girls, “Everything Tammi did for you is permanent.  Don’t try to take the make-up off.  It won’t come off.  In fact, if you try to take it off, it’ll only make it heavier.”  The girls didn’t know what to think at this point.  “Don’t try to take your uniforms off.  They don’t come off.  Trying to remove them will only cause them to shrink…”

Girls muttered to each other, angry about what had become of their summer.  “Quiet!” Mr. Max ordered.  The murmuring stopped as all ears once again returned to Mr. Max.  “Your make-up, your hair, your uniform… They all have a special ingredient that will make you respond more and more to support and encouragement.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sophie asked, getting an attitude.

“It means that the more you’re treated like a good little girl, the more you’ll act like one…  Which is why you all are expected to help each other.  By the end of the summer, you should all be perfect little angels, no longer defying authority.”

The girls began to get rowdy, asking what kind of place this was and why they weren’t told about any of this.  Mr. Max decided to adjourn the meeting here, “That’s all for tonight, girls.  Please report to your assigned cabins and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!”

With much protest, but with the realization that they didn’t have a choice, the girls all got up and went to their assigned cabins for the night.

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