Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 3

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“We’re the children here…” Sophie muttered to herself.  “We’re the ones at camp…“

The three girls, plus Linda, sat on their beds in their brightly lit cabin.  Inspirational posters adorned the walls and encouraged them to “SMILE!” and reminded them that “A kitten dies every time you bend your knees to pick something up… KEEP ‘EM STRAIGHT!”.

“This place is a nightmare,” Sophie continued, mostly talking to herself at this point.

The girls were very depressed.  They avoided mirrors and eye contact at all costs, ashamed of their appearance.  Nikki would catch a glance at herself every now and then, a little impressed with the work she had been given, but knew the others didn’t approve of herself support of the camp’s “lifestyle”.

“Okay, we need to start thinking of how we’re going to get out of here…” Cassie began.

“I told you already,” Linda stressed, “There is no way out.  There’s no one to call…  Face it, we’re stuck at Camp Whol-Nu-Yu.”

Cassie snapped back at her, “Well, I don’t believe that!  We’re four smart girls’”  Cassie glanced at Nikki admiring the permanent make-up on her face  in a small compact and reevaluated her statement, “’Er, three’smart girls…”  Nikki just curled her lip at her and mocked her voice.  “…and we’re more than capable of finding a way out of a bad situation.“

Linda snorted, “This is a little more than a bad situation.”

“I don’t see what you guys problem is…” Nikki said from the corner, “You know how much this would have cost if we had done this ourselves?”  Nikki’s comment was met with disbelieving stares.  She decided to just shut-up.

“Nikki, I can’t believe you’re taking this so lightly!” Sophie responded.  “You do realize that we are illegally being held against our will here, right?  I mean, can you process this information through all that thick make-up?“

Nikki laughed, “Only as much as you can, doll.”

Sophie was about to jump across the room to hurt her friend when Cassie interrupted, sensing the impending drama as usual, “Alright!  Alright…let’s start with that…”

“With what?” Linda asked, interested.

“We’re being held here against our will… Why?”  Cassie asked.

“Because Mr. Max is insane,” Sophie answered.

“Maybe,” Cassie continued, “But, what is it he wants from us.”

Linda had a suggestion, “I think it has something to do with these uniforms, and the make-over…”

“Obviously,” Cassie nodded, “What did he say about them earlier?”

“They’re going to make us respond to support and encouragement,” Linda answered.

“Right, so what does that mean?”

“Well, he said there was a ‘special ingredient’ that made it do that… It must be something biological… Like our minds will actually be altered…”

“Altered to what?” Cassie asked.

The four girls felt chills through their spine as visions of the blonde, Stepford women popped into their heads.

“Those women are the real counselors…” Sophie said.

Nikki just laughed, “You guys are getting a little too dramatic, don’t you think?”

Cassie wasn’t listening.  Instead, she was remembering another bit of information that Mr. Max had said, “He said that we were supposed to encourage each other.”  Sophie and Linda nodded.  “But, how would he possibly think that we would do this to each other?  That we would brainwash  ourselves…?“

“Brainwash?  Oh come on…” Nikki kept on.

Cassie’s eyes lit up, “Encourage me, guys.”  The three girls didn’t understand exactly what Cassie was talking about.  Cassie looked back and forth across their confused faces.  “Encourage me!  Like he said.  Tell me I’m like those women out there!“

“Why in the hell would you want us to do that?” Linda asked.

“It’s a test!  We need to understand what we’re dealing with here.  We need to see how this thing works.”

The girls were hesitant, but Nikki felt like playing along, “Ok, you’re a dumb slut.”

Sophie couldn’t believe her friend, “Nikki’!”

But, Cassie wasn’t insulted, “No, go on!  That’s would I want you to do.”

Nikki smiled at proving Sophie wrong, “See.”

“You can’t be serious,” Sophie said.

“We need to see if this actually works…” Cassie explained, “Now, tell me what a ditzy whore I am.”

The girls were still hesitant, but once again, Nikki chimed up, “Cassie, you’re such a silly little tramp!”  She said it with glee and confidence, like Richard Simmons himself was saying it.

Sophie and Linda were still a little embarrassed to say such things, but after a little push from Cassie’s insistent face, Sophie finally caved, “Cassie, you’re a nasty little tart.”

She said this with hardly any enthusiasm.  Nikki shook her head, having fun, “No, you have to say it supportively…  Like this:  Oh, Cassie!  I can’t believe how slutty you are!”

Linda joined in, “Cassie, you dirty little bitch!”

“Cassie, I’m so proud of how dense you are!”

“Cassie, I could learn so much from you about being a whore!”

Cassie took all of this in, keeping her senses open for any sign of actually believ’  Wait.  There it was.  It started as a little tingle in her crotch.  Cassie could feel her pussy getting wetter as these insulting compliments were heaved at her from all directions.  The tingling traveled through her body until it reached her head, right behind her eyes.  A garden of sunflowers was blooming inside Cassie’s head.  She felt so good!  She didn’t feel it, but a smile was slowly taking form across her face.  The three girls stopped their encouragement and watched as Cassie slowly opened her eyes.  She didn’t seem to be completely there.  She looked like she had just woken up, but as if a part of Cassie was sleeping.  She tilted her head softly to the side and said with a steamy, breathy voice, “Gee…thanks guys…”

“Oh my god,” Sophie said whispered.

Nikki had stopped laughing as she stared at her friend’s strange expression, “Cassie?”

Cassie giggled, “Yeah?”

Linda wasn’t surprised, “Cassie, how do you feel?”

Cassie couldn’t help but giggle!  It was like a secret language to her.  She struggled with a answer, “I dunno… Just kinda…cool, I guess…”

“Okay, it’s time to stop this,” Sophie said.  She snapped her fingers in front of Cassie’s grinning face.  When that produced no results, she grabbed Cassie’s shoulders and shook her.  This shook out more giggles from Cassie as she laughed and laughed as her head bobbed back and forth, her eyes floating around the room.  “Cassie!“ Sophie shouted, “Cassie, this isn’t you!  Come back!”

“You’re not dumb!” Linda added in from the sidelines.

“You’re not slutty!” Sophie continued.

Finally, Cassie’s eyes fluttered.  Sophie stopped shaking her, “Cassie?”

Cassie was out of breath, “Oh my god…  That was…  That was’”

“That was cool!  Do me next!” Nikki said, relaxing to her normal self again.

Sophie snapped at her, “We’re not doing anyone else.  That was scary.  We’re obviously dealing with something very powerful here…”

Cassie was almost in tears at her behavior.  It was slowly coming back to her, like waking from a dream.  She remembered the feeling of being happy that someone would call her a whore.  It was like it was something to be proud of…  Like winning a trophy…  She had wanted everyone to know.  She would have been willing to do anything to show them just how big of a slut she really was.  And she had felt like such a moron…

Cassie jumped up, becoming restless.  “We have to figure out how to get out of here!“ she shouted, becoming panicked with the realization of their predicament.  “We have to get this stuff off of us!”  Cassie began to claw at the tight yellow one-piece uniform.  “It’s going to turn us all into brain-dead tarts!“

She yanked the neck of the uniform, but it did nothing.  Cassie felt around for a zipper, but couldn’t find anything.  There were no buttons, no strings…  “How did they get this thing on me!?” she shouted, becoming frustrated.  She torn at the hem of her shorts, and fought with the loose fabric around her waist.  She reached to her feet and tried to pull the matching heels off, but they didn’t seem to budge either.

When she finally gave up, catching her breath, the three girls were staring at her.  “What?“

“Your uniform…”  Sophie began.

Cassie looked down at herself and gasped.  Her uniform had gotten even tighter.  The bottom of her ass was now hanging out the back of her shorts, where the other girls’ uniforms stopped right before that.  Her thighs were fully on display and her long legs seemed to grow straight out of the uniform down to a taller pair of heels than she was wearing a moment ago.  Looking in the mirror, she saw that her tits were pushed so tightly together that they looked like two grapes being pushed together.  They looked as if they were about to pop out of her top.  The cleavage that used to be a mere peek at the tops of her breasts was now a deep valley that could be used as a storage for small objects.  A frilly black bra that Cassie didn’t even know she was wearing was now visible as the edges of her shirt.

“Oh fuck…” she said bluntly.

“Cassie, you look really hot…” Nikki said sincerely.

The three other girls just shot her an “eat shit” look and then all stood up.  Nikki watched as her friends walked out of the cabin, not exactly mad at her, but just needing time alone.  But didn’t feel any better being left alone the way they did.

After Nikki was by herself, she looked at herself in the mirror without shame.  She looked up at the poster of a supermodel baring her teeth, stating, “SMILE!” and looked back at her reflection.  Nikki mimicked the smile and said to herself, “This isn’t so bad…  I just wish someone would encourage me…”

“I don’t think your friend really understands what’s going on,” Linda said as the three girls walked through the camp, against the edge of the trees.  The moon shove down on their somber faces as they walked through the cool air.

“She does,” Sophie explained, “but this is just how she deals with things.  She just pretends they’re not happening, or not as big a deal’”

“Well, this is a big deal,” Cassie said through drying tears.  She could barely walk with her shorts hiked up her round ass and the long heels she was wearing.  Every time the wind blew, she was reminded at how she was dressed and it made her more and more angry.  Her bowed legs fought with the tight material as she tried her best to keep herself moving.

The three girls stopped and stared through the trees.

“Let’s just run,” Linda suggested.

Sophie didn’t believe it would work, “Don’t you think they would have thought of that?”

Cassie spoke up, “Besides, we’d have to go back for Nikki anyway.

Linda didn’t seem too worried about her, “Suit yourself.  But, I bet that if we just ran…and kept going straight, we’d find ourselves back in town, or at least find a road that leads out of here.”

Sophie was still skeptic, “Nah, I don’t think that would work’”

“We have to try!” Linda screamed as she bolted for the woods.

She didn’t get far as Cassie and Sophie watched Linda’s legs begin to shake as she suddenly stopped cold and steadied herself against a tree.

“Linda?” Cassie called, “Are you okay?”

Linda slowly turned around from inside the forest and stared them standing on the campground, “Oh…g-g-god…”  Her face was twisted into a mix of pleasure and resistance.  Her hips bucked as she collapsed on the ground and began to hump the air, “Fuck it feels good!”  Cassie and Sophie were horrified as they watched their new friend shove her hand between her legs and began to rub herself with fury, kicking her legs in the air.  “God!  I’m fucking cumming!  Fuck!  Fuck!“

“We have to get her!” Cassie yelled, grabbing Sophie’s hand and pulling her into the forest after Linda.  They reached the wiggling girl and pulled her up to her weak feet, but Cassie and Sophie then felt a sudden wave of fireworks in their pants.

“Shit, yeah!” Sophie yelled, moving her hand from Linda’s arm to her enlarged tits.  “I’m fucking cumming too!  How about you Cassie?“

“We…(pant), oh god!  We have to move!”  Cassie fought the urge to shove her tongue down Sophie yummy looking mouth and pulled her and Linda back towards the camp ground.

“No wait, baby!” Sophie yelled, sliding her pussy against Cassie’s leg like a stripper on a pole.  “Just grab my titties while I’m cumming!  Oh fuck!  It’ll make it feel so much better!“

“Ohhhhh!” Cassie screamed with her, trying to stay reasonable.  “I don’t…(pant, pant)…think we’re going to stop cumming!“

Linda’s eyes were rolling back in her head as a zombie smile was plastered on her face.  She continued to hump the air as a never-ending orgasm rushed through her body.

Finally, Cassie pulled her friends over the forests border and they all collapsed into a sweaty pile in the dirt.  They were out of breath and sticky.

“It’s…(pant, pant)   It’s the uniforms…” Cassie said, “They knew we were in the forest.”

Sophie swallowed, “We won’t get far like that…  All I wanted was to keep it going…”

Linda fought back tears, “I’m sorry, guys…”

The three girls were too tired to move as they recovered.  They laid in the dirt for the next half-hour before finally giving up on escaping and retreating back to their cabin where they found Nikki sound asleep.

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