Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 4

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The sunlight slowly crept up the wall to meet Cassie’s dangling manicured hand.  As the light reached her eyes, she breathed in deeply and peeked through her eyelids.  At first, she thought that her blanket was bunched up in front of her eyes.  Then, she realized that her breasts had grown during the night.  She couldn’t see over them, lying the way she was.

Sophie, Linda, and Nikki were all sound asleep.  Cassie stretched her arms and legs out.  She had such a cramp from the night.  Sleeping in heels is not comfortable…

She sat up and swiveled to the side of the bed, letting her long heels click on the wooden floor.  Her long legs draped across the bedside, bowing out from the tightness of her shrunken pants.  Cassie dreaded going out in daylight like this.  She knew Mr. Max would take one look at her and know that she had tried to mess with her uniform.

He wouldn’t be happy.

But, then again, every time they did mess with their uniform, one would think that it would be better for him.

“Good morning.”

Cassie jumped at the sudden voice and turned around to see Nikki awake and staring at her. “Oh, hi…” was all she could muster.

“You’re not still mad at me are you?” Nikki asked with a smile.

Cassie shrugged her shoulders, then smiled the best she could manage, “Nah, I guess not.”

“Well, good!” Nikki said perkily, throwing the covers off of her.  “Now, I say, that we make the best of this little ordeal we have here.“

Cassie couldn’t believe how naive her friend was, “What’?”

“We’re obviously stuck here, as demonstrated by you three’s little orgy in the woods last night’”

“You heard that?”

Nikki looked at her as if she were crazy, “Cassie, the whole state heard that.  ‘Just grab my titties while I’m cumming!’”  Nikki laughed as she mocked Sophie’s uncontrollable words.

Cassie looked at the floor, remembering her night, “It was so strange…  The minute we set foot in the forest, it was like…  Like…  I don’t know.”

“Was that your first cum?” Nikki asked.

Cassie just scoffed at her friend, “No.”  Nikki cut her eyes at Cassie, looking at her from the side as if to ask, ‘Are you sure?’.  “It wasn’t!“ Cassie defended.

Nikki knew she was lying and decided to leave it at that.  “Whatever, let’s get up.  I think we’re supposed to meet outside for something today.”

“Nikki!” Cassie yelled, appalled, “I can’t believe you’re actually considering  participating in this sick game.  We’ve been kidnapped.  Doesn’t that make you…upset?”

“What’s getting upset going to do?” Nikki replied, “If we’re here, let’s make it as easy as possible.”

Cassie didn’t agree, but she didn’t really have a better argument.  She knew they were stuck here, she just didn’t want to admit it.

Linda and Sophie eventually woke up.  None of them spoke of what happened last night, no matter how much Nikki tried to pry it out of them.  They didn’t need to get dressed since they were already wearing clothing that they couldn’t remove.

“How are we supposed to shower?” Sophie wondered.

“I guess we just treat it like a bathing suit…” Linda suggested.

After showering, the four girls wondered out of their cabin.  Their uniforms clung to their enhanced boobs as they dried, creating an even more embarrassing spectacle.

The other “campers” were gathered in the commons area, still looking as angry as yesterday.  A few of the girls had obviously been trying to reverse their new makeover.  Cassie spotted one girl whose makeup would make an Italian woman in Jersey gasp.  The thick mascara and the bright eye shadow made her eye ooze with sex.  Her cheek bones were heavily accented by her pink blush and her lips looked as if she had been chugging tropical fruit Kool-Aid all night.

“Oh my god, look at her,” Sophie said, gesturing with her eyes who she was talking about.  The other three girls spun around to see the girl that had been the first chosen to go into the makeover room yesterday.  Her hair had been dyed a bright blonde with purple tips; but, looking at her now, she looked as if she had just gotten back from a punk rock concert.  Her hair was now purple with blonde highlights and styled to a spiky “wild” look, like Sophie’s had been done.

The four girl walked up to the girl and asked her how her hair had changed.  “I tried to shave it all off last night…“ she explained, “It all grew back within two minutes…like this.”  She seemed embarrassed to be seen.  “At least your hair looks normal.“

“You call this normal?” Linda said, picking at her platinum blonde hair.  When she felt it, she looked confused, “Hey, it’s dry…”

The purple haired girl nodded, “Yeah, it styles itself automatically as it dries.  Something in the dye I guess…”

All of the girls stood around discussing their plight, when Mr. Max finally showed himself from inside the main building.  His usual ensemble of groupies followed him, smiling their less-than-brilliant smiles.  “Good morning, campers!  I see we all made it through our first night.  However, today begins your first day of camp, and I have a very special activity planned for you all before we have lunch…“

“This is the worst camp ever.”

Sophie stirred the large pot in front of her.  Her uniform was now accented by a frilly pink apron.

“This is innocent enough for me.  I was worried we were going to be doing something late-night-Cinemaxish,” Cassie remarked, cutting up carrots on the counter across from Sophie.

“What kind of camp has cooking as an activity?” Sophie vented.

Nikki’s head suddenly appeared over Sophie’s shoulder, “One that wants you to be a docile, submissive, doe-eyed little lady.  You’re apron looks so cute by the way!  You look so pretty, Sophie!”

Sophie giggled and flipped her hair around her head, “Cool!  Thanks!”  Her eyes widened as her stirring hand froze, “Dammit, Nikki!  Quit fucking around like that!”

Nikki just laughed going back to basting the huge turkey in front of her, “I’m sorry, I just love seeing you like that.  These are uniforms would be so much fun at a slumber party or something.  We’re going to have to take these home with us when we go home.”

Linda spun around from her casserole, “You dimwit, are you still not understanding what’s happening here!”

Nikki sighed, “Yes, yeah, sure.  We’re gonna be brainwashed.  We’re gonna die.  We’ll never go back to Kansas…”

“Don’t make me dump this casserole over your head.”

Nikki grinned, “But it looks like such a lovely casserole Linda!  You simply must give me the recipe.”

Linda giggled, “You really like it?  Well, like, the macaroni noodle are the key ingredient’”  She stopped herself and gave Nikki a very angry look, “That’s the last time you’re doing that.”

Nikki laughed some more.

Cassie put her knife down, “She’s right, Nikki.  Too much of that she could slip too far…  Tone it down some.”

Nikki sighed at her ruined fun, “Fine, fine.”

After finishing their meal, all of the girls brought forth their creations to the dining hall.  The large room was complete with a stage at the far end and rows and rows of table and chairs.  A microphone stood on the stage, silent, as the girls all filled in, putting their plates and bowls on the rows of tables.

Cassie and Linda sat down at a table, with Linda and Nikki right behind them.  “Are we having some sort of bake-off?“ Linda asked.

Before anyone could answer her, Mr. Max appeared on the stage with his posse behind him.  “Ladies and…ladies!  Everything looks simply wonderful!  I can see that you all already have a talent in the culinary arts.  But, this was not arranged to find a winner.  It was arranged to find the first…loser.”

Worried glances filled the dining hall.

“Now, Tammi, if you will…  Let’s get this thing started!”

One by one, each of the dishes was brought to Mr. Max by his servant girl.  The campers watched her and her clones giggle and twirl their hair as they fed Mr. Max spoonfuls of chili, shoveled meat loaf into his mouth, and helped him slurp up bites of spaghetti.  He took one or two bites from everything until he nodded in approval, then proceeded on to the next one.

Cassie tensed up as she watched her spicy vegetable soup was handed to Tammi.  “That’s mine,“ she whispered to the other girls.  They watched as Tammi filled a spoon with the soup and brought it to his hungry lips.  He chewed it up, looking around the room in thought.

Cassie was sweating.

Finally, Mr. Max said, “Hm, pretty damn good!”

Cassie let out a long breath.

Sophie, Nikki, and Linda watched their dishes be tested and approved.  All of the foods were almost gone when a large tenderloin steak was held up in front of Tammi.  She grasped the knife and fork and began to cut Mr. Max a piece.  None of the girls in the audience could see, but the women on the stage suddenly gasped in horror.  Everyone was confused as they watched Mr. Max walk up to the plate to inspect it.  He smiled at finally finding a victim.

“This steak isn’t done…”  he said softly to his audience, “So…Valerie!  Won’t you please come up on stage for us?”

The girls looked around for girl he was referring to, when finally they saw a meek young girl stand up from the back of the hall and begin her long trek to the front of the room.  She slowly climbed the steps, shaking.   When she reached the top, she stood across from Mr. Max.

“Come closer, dear…” he said, kindly.  As she walked closer, he held up the plate with the steak she had prepared.  “Now, tell me.  Is a steak supposed to brown on the outside and red on the inside?“

Valerie didn’t say anything.

“This isn’t even warm on the inside.  It’s cold.  It’s still breathing!”  He tossed the plate to the ground, shattering the plate.  Valerie jumped at the loud crashing sound.  The blonde women behind him smiled, knowing at what was coming.  “You must not be very smart, Valerie.“

Valerie looked at the audience for help and support, but only seeing girls as scared as she was.  Though, there was a hint of fascination in everyone’s face, still not entirely sure what kind danger they exactly were in.

“Is that is, Valerie?  Are you just a ditzy girl that can’t even follow simple instructions?”

“She looks like it to me,” Tammi said, cocking her hip to the side and giggling evilly.

“Valerie the Valley girl!  That’s sounds like a better name for you, don’t you think?” Mr. Max asked.

Valerie swallowed, “I…uh, I don’t know.”  Cassie could see something happening beneath her eyes.  She knew the feeling that she was experiencing right now all too well.

“My god…” Nikki whispered from behind them.  The other three girls were a little surprised, yet relieved, to finally her some humanity and concern coming from her.

“Just some dumb, giggly girl like Tammi here, aren’t you, Valie?”

Valerie giggled, “Yeah, I guess so…”

“Yeah, she’s just a ditzy bitch, like us!” one of the blondes yelled.

A brunette beside Mr. Max joined in, “Bet you suck cock pretty good, huh?  You could show us a thing or two?”

Valerie smiled, her IQ slowly dropping from her attention, and muttered softly, “I guess I’m alright.”

“Dumb cunt!” one blonde yelled.

“Slutty tramp!” another called.

“Hee hee, a ditzy ditz!” one giggled behind her.

Mr. Max saw it coming and announced to the dining hall, “Ladies, I’d like you to meet, Valie!”

Something snapped into place in Valerie’s head as she spun around to the audience and waved like an idiot.  She giggled and said proudly, “Hey guys!  I’m Valie!  Hee hee!”

“Oh Jesus!” Nikki said, urgently rushing towards the door.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda were just as horrified by what they had just witnessed, but even more surprised by Nikki’s sudden departure.  “I guess she finally figured out that this isn’t a joke…“ Sophie remarked.

Heavy breathing pulsed from behind the bathroom door. It got deeper and deeper, rising in intensity.  Finally, hushed screaming erupted from the bathroom stall.  The girls bathroom finally became silent and still.  Slow, satisfied panting bounced off the echoing bathroom walls.  Finally, the door opened and Nikki stumbled out.

“Fuck, that was hot…”

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