Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 5

Reposting of Mr Grey’s epic bimbofication story

“He pushed her too far,” Sophie muttered.

“They didn’t even give her a chance…” said Cassie.

Nikki was staring into space, while Linda sat with her face buried in her hands.

After getting a first hand look at what they were in danger of, the four girls were more worried than ever.  They went back in their cabin to wait for dinner and had been discussing their plight since.

“She was helpless…” Nikki said, mostly to herself, “She just sat their while he turned her into a bimbo…”

“I know, Nikki,” Cassie said, consolingly, “We’re going to get out of here, don’t worry.”

Nikki kept talking, “Just like that…she wasn’t smart anymore…  Like her IQ had just dropped…  She was just dumb and happy…”

Cassie thought back to her temporary transformation the previous night.  Happy was definitely the word for it.  She remembered not caring at all that she had been turned into a bimbo.  She was comfortable with it, and more relaxed than she had ever been.  Not a thought in her head…

Suddenly, the four girls looked up, hearing a strange sound.

Someone was screaming outside.

“Somebody was trying to escape,” Sophie stated.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda got up and peeked through the window to see the girl with the purple hair just past the dirt border and among the trees in the forest.  She was wiggling on the ground, bucking her hips in the air.  “Oh god!  O-o-O-oh god!“ she cried as she came.  Just then, one of the Bimbo Counselors came to gather up the convulsing girl.  Cassie watched with wonder as the woman walked with ease into the forest and grabbed the girl’s arm.  “Oh shit!  Fuck me.  Fuck me-e-E-e-E.  Just lick me please!  That’s all I need!  Holy shit, lick my pussy!”

“The forest doesn’t effect her,” Cassie said, watching the woman grab the young girl’s arm and drag her a few yards back to the camp grounds.

The purple haired girl was dropped on the ground and left panting, to tired to move.  The woman said something to her, pointing her finger as one would to a naughty pet, and then walked happily back where she came from, leaving the girl on the ground.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda sat back.

“We need to learn more about those women,” Linda suggested.

Cassie seemed to like that idea, “Yeah, we need to find out just who they are, where they came from.”

Linda stood up, “Come on, let’s do a little spying.”

Cassie seemed to agree with this, but Sophie and Nikki didn’t move.  “I think I’m gonna take a nap,“ Sophie explained.

Nikki smiled ambiguously, “Yeah, me too…”

Linda nodded, “It’s probably best that we have as few of us as possible so we don’t make too much noise.  Come on, Cassie.”

Linda and Cassie walked out of the cabin, their ass shaking back and forth uncontrollably due to their attire.

The cabin grew silent as Nikki and Sophie sat quietly in their beds.  The fading footsteps of their friends walking outside was all they could hear, until eventually they were gone.  The two girls glanced at each other, suddenly remembering a few months ago when the only problems they had were studying for finals and deciding what to do on a Friday night.

Sophie got up to go into the bathroom.

“What do you think they’re gonna find out about those women?” Nikki asked, about Linda and Cassie.

“Probably that they’re aliens or terrorists or something… I don’t know…” she replied from the bathroom.

Nikki nodded.  “That was pretty freaky what happened at lunch, huh?“

Sophie nodded solemnly, “Yeah.  Freaky…”

“I mean, all they had to do was keep telling her something, and soon it was true,” Nikki said, a little too fascinated.  Sophie agreed and laid back on her bed, closing her eyes.  “With these uniforms on, its so easy to change someone’s personality by just saying it out loud to them…“

Something in the back of Sophie’s mind told her that Nikki was acting a little strangely, but Sophie just wrote it off as it just being Nikki’s usual strange behavior and continued to lay with her eyes closed, trying to take a nap.

”…like, if we had these uniforms in high school, you could easily fuck with someone’s reputation.  All you would have to do is tell them what a slut they are while they were wearing them,“ Nikki continued, “I’d just have to say something like, ‘Sophie, you’re such a cocksucking tart’ and eventually, you’d start to be one…”

Sophie slowly opened her eyes.  Something wasn’t right here…

“…or what if I said, ‘Sophie, you’re just a slut that you’d fuck a girl if she asked you’, it’d become true!  Isn’t that crazy?”

Sophie sat up, looking at Nikki suspiciously.  “What are you doing?“

Nikki shrugged her shoulders, “Just chit-chatting.  Just talking about how much of a whore you are.”

Sophie’s mind was saying ‘Oh shit’.  She slowly shook her head back and forth.  “Don’t.“

“Don’t  what, Sophie?” Nikki said, grinning devilishly, “Don’t tell you what a slut you are?”

Sophie felt dizzy.  She rubbed her temples with her fingers.  “Stop.  Please…“

“Sophie, you’re the filthiest cum-guzzling bitch I’ve ever met!  I bet you’d suck a dick for a quarter!  A nickel!”

Sophie tossed her head up, “Fuck yeah, I’d suck a dick for nickel!  It’s a fuckin’ nickel’!  Wait…no…”  Sophie stopped herself, realizing what was happening.

“You’re a nasty little fuck-whore that’ll lick a pussy for a stick of gum!”

“Nikki…why are you’?”

“You know it’s true, Sophie.  You. Are. A. S-s-s-slut.”

Then, Sophie knew it was true.  She relaxed and released a long breath of air.  “Yeah, so what?“ she said, shrugging her shoulders.  Sophie didn’t understand why Nikki was telling her stuff she already knew.  She knew she was a whore.  It didn’t bother Sophie.  There are just some things people are meant for, and Sophie knew that she was meant for fucking.

Nikki smiled in shock, “Sophie?”

Sophie didn’t get what this bitch was staring at, “Yeah…  What?”

“Nothing…” Nikki said, dreamily, slowly inching her hand down the front of her pants.

Sophie noticed this and grinned, “You need some help with that?”

Cassie and Linda tiptoed in between the log cabins, looking for Mr. Max’s headquarters.  The girls had found that tiptoeing in heels was quite hard, but they managed.  Cassie mostly followed Linda, who seemed to be quite the expert in spying.

“That building looks different from the rest,” Linda said, looking towards a large cabin with lights on inside.  It was just now starting to get dark outside, so the girls were subtly hidden, but still out in the open.

“How’s it different?” Cassie asked.

“Look at the extension on the side.  That could be an office…  Plus, the roof’s taller…”

“Well, let’s go,” Cassie said.  Linda lead the way as the girls crossed the camp grounds.  They reached the large cabin and pressed their backs up against the side wall.  They scooted against the wall until the found themselves underneath the window of room with activity coming from inside it.

There was the murmur of voices present, along with the bass of deep moans vibrating through the wall, and sprinkled with a high pitched giggle every now and then.  It sounded like there was about ten people moving around in there.

Cautiously, Cassie and Linda grabbed the windowsill and pulled themselves up to the very tips of their heels, allowing them to peek their heads through the bottom of the window.

“Oh my god.”

Cassie couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was unlike anything her virgin eyes had ever seen.

Once in tenth grade, Sophie had shown her a picture from a Playgirl they had found in a dumpster.  The man’s penis had been long, and his pubic hair had been shaved.  Cassie didn’t really know how to feel about it.  She wasn’t turned on beyond control, but there was a small stirring in her pants when she first laid eyes on it.

It was the same feel she was having now.

“They’re like his servants…” Linda whispered.

Mr. Max was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.  Surrounding him were all the tanned, made-up women that had given Cassie and her friends their make-over, put them in their captive uniforms, and were watching to make sure they didn’t try to escape.  One was straddling his lap right now.  Linda and Cassie watched as she would lift herself off of his hard, slippery cock  long enough for another girl to slide it into her mouth.  They would almost fight over the chance to be the next to put that big, meaty dick between their lips, but eventually the girl on his lap was snatch it back and put it back in her pussy.

“This is more serious than I thought,” Cassie whispered.

“Yes, it sure is!”

Cassie thought that it was Linda that had replied; but, when Linda glanced at Cassie with worry in her eyes, they both turned around to see a familiar face smiling at them.

“Tammi,” Linda said menacingly.

The smiling blonde grabbed the two girls and called cheerfully, “Oh, Mr. Ma-ax!”

“So, you girls think you’re pretty smart, huh?” Mr. Max asked, staring at Linda and Cassie.

The two guilty girls stared at him as one would stare at a drill sergeant.  He paced back and forth in front of them, shaking his head.  His sex bunny counselors stood on the sidelines, giggling, twirling their perfect hair around, and watching the two girls with excitement.

“Well, you both seem like you need the most help of any of the girls here,” he said condescendingly.  “You’ve broken one too many rules, I’m afraid.  We always let an escape attempt go.  It’s inevitable that you all will try that.  It’s human nature…  But, sticking your nose into my business…that’s inexcusable, and for that, you smart girls are going to have to be punished.“

“You’re an asshole…” Linda coldly.

“And you’re not as smart as you think you are,” he replied.  “Neither of you.“  Cassie suddenly knew what was going on, but Linda was too furious to think of Mr. Max’s next move.  “You’re both just two simple girls that think they know what’s going on, when they have no idea.”

Cassie and Linda’s head began to feel funny.

“This is due to the fact that you two simply don’t have the brain power to follow any complex instructions.  Maybe that’s why you can’t seem to follow the rules.  Maybe that’s why you continue to do what’s wrong.  Maybe you’re both just a couple of dumb bitches.”

Cassie and Linda struggled to hold on to their diminishing IQ, but it was no use.  Mr. Max was convincing them of their stupidity, and slowly but surely, they were realizing that he was right.  They were dumb.

“For your punishment, you’re going to spend some time in the closet.  There’s no lock on the closet, but I know that I don’t need one, since you’re too dumb to know how to open the door once it’s closed shut.”

Cassie and Linda were embarrassed at how stupid they were.  Their mouths hung open as they tried desperately to follow what they were being told, but he was leaving them in the dust.  Then, before they knew it, Tammi was pulling them into a big walk-in closet and shutting the door.

Cassie and Linda looked at each other.  They looked at their surroundings.  This appeared to be a storage closet of some kind.  There were shelves and papers lining the walls.  Their only light source was a light bulb dangling from the ceiling with a chain hanging underneath it.

“What are we gonna do?” Cassie asked, using the most of her intelligence she could.

Linda shrugged nonchalantly, “I dunno.”

They looked at the knob.

“Is that the way out?” Linda asked.

Cassie nodded, “I think so.”

“How’s it work?”

Cassie shook her head and mumbled, “I dunno…”

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