Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 6

Reposting of Mr Grey’s epic bimbofication story

“Goddamit, Nikki, why’d you turn me into some trashy whore?” Sophie asked while pinching her nipples through her shirt.

Nikki just continued rubbing her clit as she stared at what she had created.  Just from her words only, she was able to transform the tough Sophie into some one-track minded fuckslut.

“Come on, at least tell me why you did it,” Sophie demanded, casually caressing her own body as if her hands had a life of their own.

Nikki’s eyes were clenched shut, on the verge of cumming.  “Because… (pant) it’s such a fucking turn-on!“

“Me being a slut, or you turning me into one?”

Nikki didn’t feel like answering questions right now, but she explained herself, “Me turning you into one… (pant pant)  The power of it all…   You’re such a slut now aren’t you Sophie?”

Sophie perked up and smiled, “You bet your ass I’m a slut.  Biggest whore-bitch around…”

That was all Nikki needed.  With a shivering scream, she came hard, bucking her hips against her hand while Sophie watched in disbelief at the thought that she was causing this by just being turned against her will into a slut…

After Nikki regained her composure, she locked eyes with Sophie.  Sophie just stared back at her with impatient eyes, “So are you just gonna leave me like this or what?”  Nikki just smiled at her.  “What are you smiling at?  Are you gonna leave me a dick-hungry little tramp or are you gonna change me back?  You have to tell me that I’m not a slut.  Remember with Cassie…?“

Nikki remembered.  She remembered how sexy Cassie was giggling and loving being a simple little bimboslut.  Nikki couldn’t wait to have her turn with Linda and Cassie.  These girls were going to be her little playthings for the summer.  Nikki was getting drunk with power…  “I think I’m just gonna leave you like this…”

Sophie’s eyes grew wide.  “You can’t just leave like this!“ she said, reaching further down her pants to finger her tight butthole, “Look at me!  I’m sitting here fingering my ass and I love it!  This isn’t me!”

Now, under normal circumstances, Nikki would never have down something like this to her friend.  Even though Nikki was not the most trustworthy or loyal friend’s a person could have, she still respected the friendship enough to never compromise it.  But, Nikki was way too turned on at this point.  Looking at Sophie with her short red hair and her thick make-up…  Her manicured hand shoved down the front of her pants…  It was too much fun for Nikki…

“Sure it is!” Nikki finally responded, “This is how you’ve always been!”

Sophie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  “You little bitch…“

“You’ve gone your whole life being a whore to all the boys at school… You always liked it then, why wouldn’t you like it now?” she asked.

“Nikki…” Sophie said, trying to show her seriousness while she fucked her own ass with her middle finger, “I’m not kidding…  Even though I’ve been a slut all my life, it doesn’t give you the right…  Wait’stop!  See what you’re doing!?”

“Your reputation precedes you Sophie.  You know you’re a slut.  You accept you’re a slut.  You are a slut, you little cocksucker!”

Sophie sighed and laid her head down, calming down, “I know, I know…”  Sophie fit her other hand down her pants and softly moaned as she stared at the ceiling, fantasizing about all the cocks in the world…

“Ok, so we’re, like, dumb now?” Cassie asked.

Linda just nodded, her brain already hurting from having to think about it.

“How are we ‘posed to get outta here?” Cassie asked, sounding like a little kid.

Linda thought long and hard about it.  She scratched her head, staring at the doorknob.  “I can’t ‘member how those things work…“

“Do we push it?” Cassie suggested.  Linda took her up on that offer and placed her hand on the knob.  With all her power, she pushed it forward.


Linda pouted.  “It won’t open.“

Cassie thought about her predicament, “Wow, he really made us dum-dums.”  Something about the word “dum-dum” made Linda giggle a bit.  “It’s not funny,“ she stressed, “We’re idiots!  We don’t even know how to open a door that’s not locked!”  Cassie slumped into the corner of the closet and stuck her bottom lip out.  “I don’t wanna be stupid…“

Linda suddenly had an idea, “Maybe you’re ‘posed to tell the door to open!”

Cassie didn’t say anything, but didn’t see that as a bad idea either.

Linda gathered up all of her strength and courage and turned to the door, “Hey, door!  Open up!”


“Open up, door!  Open!  Open!”

Again, nothing.

Linda shrugged her shoulders, “It’s not workin’…”

Cassie shook her head, “Just forget.  We’re stuck here forever.”  Linda slumped in the opposite corner, facing Cassie.  “We’re just dumb girls sittin’ in a closet.“

Cassie sighed and laid her head back.  She happened to hit something the wrong way, causing a chain reaction of things falling down.  Cassie jumped as a cardboard box slid off of a shelf and landed right in front of her.  The two girls examined the box with cautious eyes.  “What is it?” Linda asked, not taking her eyes off the box.  Cassie didn’t respond, but instead reached out to the box and opened up the flaps.

Inside we’re hundreds of newspaper clippings.

Cassie picked up one of the articles near the top of the pile.  The headline read “MYSTERIOUS CAMP STILL ON THE MOVE”.

“What’s it say?” Linda asked.

Cassie felt a little sadder as she slowly realized that she couldn’t read it.  “I don’t know…“  She set the article down and picked up another that said “ANOTHER GIRL MISSING AFTER CAMP STAY”.  Cassie furrowed her brow, “I think that word is ‘girl’…”  She was almost positive, but still a little unsure.  Everything just looked like a collection straight lines and swirls.

After staring at it for a few more minutes, Cassie had an epiphany.  “Hey!  These words are in both of the articles…“ she yelled excitedly, pointing at the word “camp”.

“Maybe they’re about the camp,” Linda said.

Hearing the word out loud while staring at it jogged Cassie’s damaged memory, “Camp!  It says camp!”

Linda was impressed, “Wow, you’re, like…smart.”

Hearing this made Cassie’s mind twitch.  “What did you say?“ she asked, almost forgetting all about learning to read.

“I said you’re smart.  Way smarter than me.  I’m just a dummy head stup’”

“Linda!” Cassie interrupted, “That’s how we fix ourselves!”  Linda just looked at her with her mouth hanging open.  “Tell me how smart I am!“

Linda snorted and laughed, “Cassie, you’re not that smart.  You just figured how how to spell ‘camp’…  You’re just as big a dummy as me!”

Cassie started to protest, but looked off into the distance and closed her mouth.  “But…  I forgot what I was gonna say…“

Linda just nodded, “See?  You’re a big stupid.”

Cassie figured she must be right. After all, it was just one word.  Cassie glanced back at the article and realized she couldn’t remember what the word even was…  Must’ve not been important…  “So, now wha’ do we do?“ she asked, pouting again.

Linda shrugged her shoulders, “I dunno.  We need to figure out how to open this door.”

Cassie nodded in agreement.  “We need to figure out how to get out of this camp…“  That last word lingered in Cassie’s mind for a moment before an enormous lightbulb lit in her mind, “Camp!  That’s what it said!  Right!”

Linda nodded, remembering now.

“’and then you said…  You said that I was smart!”  Cassie was getting very excited.

“Yeah…” Linda responded, not as impressed, “So?”

“So, if you tell me I’m smart, I’ll be smart again!”

Linda looked at her a little skeptical, “Really?”


“Are you sure?”

Cassie was getting frustrated, “Just hurry up and say it before I get too dumb to remember it again!”

“Okay, okay.  Sheesh…  You’re…um, you’re really smart and stuff,” Linda said with no enthusiasm.

Cassie slapped her hands on the ground, “No!  You gotta make it sound real!  Like when Mr. Max told me I was dumb…  He said it like it was true, like I was already dumb!”

“Alright, alright,” Linda said, beginning to see the urgency, “Cassie, you’re not dumb.  You’re really a smart girl.”

Cassie was feeling it.  Some small spark.  Like trying to light a wet match.  “Keep going, keep going!“

“You’re so smart!  You’re smarter than me!  I’m just a dummy, but…but you’re not a dummy!  Yeah!”

Cassie’s brain caught for a minute.  For a split second she knew exactly how to answer that door.  But, then, she lost it.  “Don’t stop!“ she urged.

Linda struggled to find new ways to say the same sentence. It was a tough job for such a stupid girl.  “You never were dumb.  You used to be smart.  You’re only dumb because Mr. Max said so.  It’s not true.  You’re really really really really really really really’”

Cassie’s head snapped up.  Her eyes focused and the match in her brain ignited into flame.

She looked her dumb friend in the eyes with a smile, “Okay, I’ve got a plan.”

Miles and miles away, Jenna Hatcher paced back and forth in her living room.  Her husband had been at work all day.  She had been home alone all day.  Being at home for that long and not hearing from your daughter for almost two and a half days since she had left home for the first time can make a mother’s mind wander.

She stared at the phone.  She could report her as missing, but doing that would mean having to admit that something was wrong.

Jenna knew what she had to do.

She walked with conviction toward the front door, grabbing her purse on the way, and headed out the door.  If this camp wasn’t going to answer it’s phones so she could check on her daughter, she was going to have to go to this camp and see for herself.  She looked over the directions Cassie had copied for her as she turned the ignition in her car.  The motor revved up and she backed out of the driveway.  With a roar of the engine, Jenna was on her way to Camp Whol-Nu-Yu.

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