Hacking Player 2

My wife moved the slider all the way to the right. ‘Max’ displayed in bright red.

“Aww, that’s no fun!” She said with a slight pout. “I can’t make her boobs any bigger.”

I keep my opinions to myself, still in awe of how well this was working.

“Hmm, if I shrink her waist… Hey! That DOES make her chest and ass look fucking HOT! Look, honey!”

She tilted the screen towards me, showing off her new avatar.

“She’s Asian?” I asked.

“Yeah! She’s hot as hell, right! I know you have a thing, and I mean, they can’t be all blonde valley-girls. That’s just BORING.” She flipped back to the profile menu, scrolling through the dozen or so ‘avatars’ she’d built since I passed her the app a couple hours ago.

“Soooo many good options.” she murmured to herself

“I take it, you’re happy now? You’re not still mad I played with you-” I caught myself, “- the program first.”

“Huh? Oh, totally. To be honest, seeing you reprogram me… I…” She trailed off a bit confused as to why she had been so upset. “I think I was just being jealous. Like, if you’re going to make me all slutty and sexy, at least let me have fun with it!”

I chuckled to myself. Making her want to ‘roleplay’, having her design her own fate, it was all too easy.

“OK! Let’s try one out!” She squealed with excitement, passing me back control. “Ohh, make it a really stupid one! I want to be completely brainless when you fuck me. It’ll be easy to forget who I am, and just enjoy your cock!”

I chose one of her creations, the new ‘her’.

With a click my wife disappeared, replaced by an impossible wet dream.

I knew I’d bring the old her back, at least partially. But I wasn’t in a rush; I has so many new versions of her to play with.

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