Happy Fun Time

Hai!! Look wut I found daddy!!! (ᗒᗨᗕ)

I could tell by the ridiculously dumbed down text, the IQ reduction had already hit her hard.


I open it, hoping to see if the secondary, physical effects have kicked in.

My old PIKACHU shirt!!! Yay!!

It’s, REALLY SMALL now… (゚ペ)

But can I wear it to school??? It’s still my favorite!!! (・ω<)☆

She hadn’t been in school for nearly a decade now, but I wasn’t about to crush her excitement. I’m sure I could convince her to come over for some private tutoring tonight.

If she was progressing this quickly, by midnight I doubt she’ll even remember school. By morning (after some play time) she’ll be a blank slate, ready to be remoulded into my own little, live-in bimbo.

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