Policy Changes



A small snippet from a long lost story I stumbled upon. All credit to the the original author, James Craft.


From:“James Craft” <jamescraft@otti.co.jp>
Subject:Policy Changes
To:“Abbiko Harding” <abbikoharding@otti.co.jp> 

Poor, poor, sexy dolly.

Why is Abbiko so confused?  First she says that she knows her name, then she is confused?
Abbiko should just wear her sexy pink dolly clothes, her sexy pink dolly makeup, her sexy dolly hair, have a protein shake and go to her Japanese lessons.  She should not worry about such confusing things. She should just giggle and smile, and flirt like Kuman-san wishes.  She should learn to walk sexy and look sexy, like Kuman-san wishes. Kuman-san knows how to train a silly girly dolly like Abbiko.  He knows that OTTII wants Abbiko to be this way.  He will help her to be this way if only Abbiko-doll is a good girl and obeys Kuman-san’s instructions.
Master will send power of attorney papers to Abbiko-doll to sign.  Then she will not have to worry about confusing things anymore.  OTTII will care for her from now on.
Good news!  OTTII management is very-very happy with Abbiko-doll. They are considering moving her to Kobe office to be closer to them.  But first Abbiko-doll must sign power of attorney papers, and Abbiko-doll must obey Kuman-san when he gives her instructions.Think about it Abbiko-doll.  Working at the head office with all the top OTTII executives.  Is this not what Abbiko-doll wants?  Be a good dolly and show your appreciation to Okejimi-san when you see him next.


From:“Abbiko Harding” <abbikoharding@otti.co.jp>
Subject:Policy Changes
To:“James Craft” <jamescraft@otti.co.jp>

Dear Master Craft,
Abbiko is soooo happy OTTII is pleased with her!!! They want Abbiko to move Kobe office!!! This is what Abbiko always want, to get respect as woman and work in Head Office where Abbiko can be noticed for her skills!! Abbiko is so happy when she read this, she go to see Okejimi-san right away. He is very happy that Abbiko is so pleased, but he does say it would be shame to lose Abbiko as she help his department very much. Abbiko give Okejimi-san long, sloppy blow job to say thank you, and then pull up her skirt so he can fuck Abbiko. Abbiko is in Okejimi-san office for nearly 90 minutes.
Abbiko will try extra hard with Kuman-san now. Abbiko know she have something to aim for and that OTTII are pleased with Abbiko, and not just overlook her because she is woman. Abbiko think this many time before, but now Abbiko know she was wrong. OTTII is right to give Okejimi-san promotion over Abbiko, so Abbiko can maybe go to Head Office instead.
Abbiko get power thingy papers earlier and sign right away, not even read them. Abbiko know that OTTII is good to her. Master Craft should get papers in company mail soon.
Abbiko have to go now, she have lesson with Kuman-san. Abbiko so happy now!!!

Abbiko Harding
Office Girl
OTTII Shares Division

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