The Daughter Dilemma

Candice hadn’t exactly been straight with her new boyfriend Max.  They’d been dating for a couple of weeks now, but she hadn’t told him that she was a full time mum with two young daughters.  Molly and her younger sister Haley were the loves of her life and ever since her douchebag husband had left her eleven years ago, (just after Haley was born) – she had raised them single-handedly.

Now Candice was scared that if Max found out she came with the baggage of two young daughters, he would leave her immediately.  She really wanted to bring him round and show him her place, but what was she to do with the girls?

She got her answer entirely by accident. Candice did some part time work in a library whilst the girls were at school and it was there she found an old book crammed full of spells… the one that caught her eye was an ‘aging spell’.  Casting it would allow her to control a persons age – she could make them older or younger.  If she used it on the girls to make them a little older – it would be a lot less intimidating for Max to meet them!

At home, Candice took a personal item from each girl – a teddy bear and a hairbrush, and put them in a circle.  Chanting and intoning the spell she felt the energy building and she willed her daughters to age and grow.  Unfortunately by willing her daughters to age so fast – Candice had no control over the way they would turn out. Her motivations being those of lust and selfishness – those attributes infected the spell and began to warp the magic to new ends.

In the room next door Molly and Haley were playing together, unaware of what was about to happen.  Suddenly both girls felt strange and dizzy.  As their mother chanted next door, they groaned… stretching and gasping as they began to get taller and older.  The magic was aging them, rushing them through puberty and beyond as they transformed and grew. But it was also awakening sexual desires in their now tingling pussies and giving them the minds and bodies they needed to get manipulate men and get everything they wanted.

“Wow Molly… I feel really weird,” giggled Haley as her body matured and her underdeveloped breasts began to grow and swell out.  “What’s happening to us?”

“I don’t know, but it feels really good,” purred Molly as she stretched and grew, shaking back her long blonde hair and groaning as she felt her ass inflate out to a pert eighteen year old’s bum. New thoughts and ideas were entering her mind and even her clothes were changing to match her new body.  She felt… mmmmh… she felt so bitchy.

Reaching down she touched her new fully grown tits and squeezed them. That felt good… she wanted more.  Her tight wet slit was dripping with lust and she felt herself become badder and badder as she gave into her depraved new impulses. Turning to the mirror she grinned at how hot and sexy she was looking now she was older and she liked it.

 “Oh fuck yes… make me into a slut!  This is so hot!”

“Oooh, you musn’t say naughty words like that,” gasped Haley as her short fingernails lengthened and turned a sexy painted lilac.  “We’re good girls…”

“We were good girls – now we’re fucking hot teenage sluts and it feels so good,” laughed Molly revelling in her new form as naughty tattoos formed on her body and thick slutty makeup covered her gorgeous face. “Give into it sis, feel yourself turn into a hot horny bad girl.  We’re a couple of eighteen year old whores now…”

“Ohhhh yes, I love it!” cried Haley as she gave into the corruption and moaned as piercings appeared in her ears and she became just as wicked as her sister. A last few changes shimmered over their beautiful bodies as the now sexually active eighteen year old sisters completed their transformations and became bad girls.

Haley and Molly felt great. Being a pair of grown up sluts was so hot! Everything about them had changed and even the room around them had changed… it was now the room of two teenage bimbos, and covered in expensive bags of makeup and pink girly clothes. Both girls were thinking about their stash of sex toys in the bottom drawer waiting to be used – they were both so horny right now.

Opening the door to her daughters bedroom, Candice gasped as she beheld her transformed daughters. The two giggling sluts stunk of perfume and they were clearly a pair of spoiled, naughty brats now.  This wasn’t what she had imagined at all – what had happened to her lovely girls?  But it was too late to reverse her plan.  Max was due to arrive any minute.

“Hi Mommy,” sneered Molly as she looked at her Mum. “Can we help you?”

“Errrr, yes girls.  My new boyfriend Max is arriving and I want you both to meet him. Promise me you’ll be good girls and take care of him.”

“Of course we will Mommy,” smiled Haley sweetly.  “We’ll take real good care of him.”

When Max arrived he was surprised to learn about Candice’s daughters – but when he beheld them he smiled and shrugged.  “I wish you’d told me earlier Candice – seriously it isn’t a problem, especially since they are clearly both old enough to look after themselves.”

Candice breathed a sigh of relief – her plan was working. “Girls, look after Max whilst I get dressed quickly.  I didn’t have time to get ready properly earlier.”

Molly and Haley smirked at each other as their Mom went upstairs.  The two of them poured Max a drink and then Haley offered to show Max the house.

In the living room, Max was surprised as the two girls guided him over to the sofa. “We think you’re really hot Max, but we don’t let anyone date our Mom who isn’t gonna satisfy her in bed.  Maybe you could show us how big your dick is so we can check you are right for her?”

Max gasped in shock as the two girls pulled down his pants and his big dick flopped out.  Before he knew it Molly had it in her mouth and Haley giggled as she played with her pussy and watched her sister slurp on it.

“Oh fuck – that’s so hot.  Mommy will be ages getting ready. Why don’t we have some fun?”

Lost in a haze of lust, Max did as they wanted…

Spreading themselves on the sofa, the two slutty sisters moaned in ecstasy as their mothers boyfriend fucked them good. “Ohhhhhh yes, fuck my tight pussy!” squealed Molly as Max fucked her deep and hard. “I love being an eighteen year old slut!  Make me cum on your dick.”

Soon Max was grunting, he couldn’t take any more and the two greedy sluts eagerly sucked at his cock – moaning as his hot cum filled their horny mouths.  “Oh yes Molly, I love the taste of cum,” gasped Haley.  “I want more!”

“Don’t worry sis… all the boys at school are gonna love the new us… we are gonna have so many cocks to suck.“

Opening the door to the living room, Candice screamed as she walked in.  “NO! What have you done?”

“Ooops,” giggled Molly. “Sorry Mommy, but Max is ours now. Guess he likes fucking our tight bodies better than your fat old ass.”

Candice could only watch in horror as the two wicked slutty bitches who had once been her innocent daughters kissed and shared Max’s cum.  Without even realising it, the two girls had done the one thing that would lock the spell forever and leave them trapped as naughty sluts. Swallowing cum made the spell permanent as they kissed and moaned happily their corruption was complete. There was no going back now.

“Mmmmmmhh, it feels so good to be bad,” they moaned in unison. Molly and Haley were here to stay and they were gonna have soooooo much fun being bad now they were all grown up.

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