“Is… is it working?” Lillian asked herself after popping the BMBO into her mouth.

The flat-chested feminist had grown tired of the constant battle to prove herself. She was tired of watching the dumb, sexy women of the world get everything they wanted handed to them by men that wouldn’t even consider dating a girl like Lillian. She had heard about a drug that could turn her into the stupid bimbo that she had grown up fighting against. She didn’t want to fight anymore.

Then, suddenly, she felt a pressure build up inside of her chest. Her breasts felt like they were on fire. Burning spread across her body, radiating up to her mind. It wasn’t painful; in fact, it was the most pleasureful feeling Lillian had ever experienced. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the wonderful fire scorched her thoughts and worries away; leaving her feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 

She opened her eyes to see that her breasts had grown considerably. Her cute denim top was now being stretched and pushed to its limits as Lillian’s tits strained against the material. She cried out as the feeling intensified. She took another breath when, inevitably, the top could hold her chest no longer and the buttons popped open, freeing her massive cleavage. 

Lilly looked down and giggled; a sexy, innocent smile on her face, “Like, oh em gee, I totes think it worked!”

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