New and Improved Traditions

“Like, trick or treat Mister!”

The world had changed so much, it was difficult to tell exactly what I was looking at.

Was this a “little girl” who had been kept in a state of perverse arrested development by her “daddy”? Maybe sent out on Halloween to show off her curves as her favorite cartoon character.

Or was this a “bimbo mommy”? One of the new wave of self stylized post feminists, the ones advocating for slut-pride teaching from childhood. They’d already successfully lobbied to reboot My Little Pony into a Rule34 inspired network hit. I’d seen a couple Disney princess out tonight already, dressed in the offical ‘new and improved’ outfits that only fit the Double-D Plus sizing that was quickly becoming the minimum standard.

I must have been staring too long.

“Het Mister? Are you going to, like, spank me or let me suck your cock?”

“Oh, uhh, yes. Treats at this house tonight.” I mumbled while unzipping my pants.

“Yay!” The cute ‘Dora’ exclaimed, bouncing up and down, then dropping to her knees.

I have to say, even in this new world, Halloween was still my favorite holiday.

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