Title: Halloween S2

“Trick or Treat” as the kids knock on Dani House. Dani mom open the house with a big smile and pass them lots of Candy. “Thank you” as they walk away.

“Ouch, Something hit my head” Rex look below and saw this Gun. Its look like a toy gun and just keep inside his candy bag.

“Eh wait for me” as he chase the girls. Rex, Jennifer and Annie was enjoy their halloween, they are all childhood friend and are very close to each other.

Jennifer call the rest, “lets go to my house and open up the candy”.

All jump with joy and rush straight to Jennifer house.

Back at Jennifer house, “Not Fair Annie you have more candy then me “ as Jennifer complain.

“Guys I found this toy gun! Its fall out someone house when we trick or treak” Rex pull out the gun from his candy bags.

“Wow you must be lucky to get a toy from space” joke Jennifer.

“That true”say Annie.

“Haha, shut up Jenni, you naughty Evil Witch” Joke Rex pointing the gun at Jennifer and shoot.

Suddenly Jennifer felt different, she was feeling something strange. She grew taller and more mature, her body was going tru puberty. Her hair grew longer and her costume change to suit her new teenage body. Makeup form on her face.

“Ohhhh I could feel the change! The evil fills in me! Give me more more power!” As Jennifer orgasm form the change.

Then a wicked smile form on her face.

“Thank you Rex, let me get that gun from you”

Annie and Rex was in shock from what is happening to their friend.

“Now now I feeling Horny and need a strong man to fuck my Pussy, well Rex I got something in mind”

Jennifer zap Rex as his body grew and looking mature, he was becoming more muscular and rip. He look at his own body cannot believe what is happening.

“Now that a boyfriend that I wanted” as Jennifer touch Rex.

Annie was scare and was trying to crawl to the door but then it was lock.

“Naughty Annie you be a good girl and stay there” Annie felt unable to move

“Now Rex show me what you got”

Rex rips Jennifer costume and lick her pussy. She just use her Magic and remove Rex firefighter costume.

“Now fuck me hard and don’t you ever Rest till I orgasm really hard”

Rex Fuck Jennifer as she look at the little scare girl and smile.

“Ohh babby that the spot !! Give me more you beast!”

They fuck for hours, all Annie could do is cry in fear of what have become of her friends.

Then she felt she could move and thinking if she could get the gun she could change everything back to normal. She jump to the gun but Jennifer was to quick to react and pull the gun toward her hand.

“Hmmm what you doing Girl, wanting to use the gun to get back your boring friends” Annie fall back cant move cause of the fear that Jennifer posses.

“What should I do to you, be my pet or change you into something else.”

“Ahhh yes, You be my sweet Sister and we can be together and rule the night” Jennifer point to Annie and Shoot her.

Annie was in horror as her body grew older, her hair grew longer. She could felt pain and pleasure from the transformation. She was looking mature and her body curve to fit her new dress.

“Omg this is so intense, the feeling is so wonderful. I could feel the evil and slutty feeling. I am feeling sexy.”

As Annie look at Jennifer, running her tongue tru her lips.

“Ohhh I am feeling sexy horny, this is much better then be a Little scare girl Sister” Annie touch her breast admire herself.

“Well Sister, lets go out find more Prey to Fuck. The night aint over yet”

Jennifer,Annie and Rex continue their night trick or treat Party and enjoying their own wicked fantasy bullies and terrorising the night.

This night could not get more interesting then that.

About the gun, we will never know what happen to it.

(Hope You Like It)

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