“Unf…  can I like, please have my brains back?” I sank to my knees in front of the plush linens, hand rubbing between my legs. “Everything is like, super fuzzy.” My brow furrowed, but you looked unfazed, in control.

“But sweetheart,” you began in condescending fashion, “how can you be my adorable, dumb little wife if you’re too clever to stay at home?” My pussy gushed against my wishes, thoughts of camping myself in your home while you ran off for a hard day in the working world.

“But like, what am I gonna do at home all day by myself?” I pleaded, fighting through the fogginess.

“Oh hun,” the words prompted a tightening around the waist of my skirt, hips pushing outward to suggestive proportions. “Your body will be plenty busy.”

I lifted my shirt above my pert nipples, rubbing at them sensuously, awash in the pleasure of growing hips. “You’d better keep your promise, mister,” my expression turned to something more longing and desperate, as I felt empty, eager to swell with this man’s child.

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