Alright, now let’s not go crazy here. I agreed to do this for our anniversary, but remember the rules. You’re only allowed to change my looks. Want me to be a copy of Ariana Grande, or a look-alike for some girl you had a crush on in college? Or how about just a bimbofied version of myself? That’d be hot, right sweetie? Just don’t mess with my mind. I swear, if you do that…


It’d be like so freakin’ hot. Fer realz! *giggle*

Can you even imagine if I tried to say some smart girl stuff or whatever but instead I was like blah blah blah math is hard?


It’d be even funnier, too, cuz I don’t even look the part, ya know?


Like, ditzes are s’posed to have implants and mine are real.

JK! You bought these for me, Daddy! 

I swear. Boys are always checking me out. And girls too! One time my friend Tiffany tried to grab up on me and I was like no way. I’m not gonna lez out with you.


Not unless my man is here to watch! So Daddy, when are you gonna change me?

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