“Oh yeah, that’s soooo good.”
You like it.
“I do.”
It wasn’t a question, sweetie.
*giggle* “mmmm…”
Slick. Wet. Open. Dripping.

Go ahead and reach inside.
“Oh no… no, no, no… I’ve got class.”
Just a little.
“Fuck you’re naughty, no no… mmmm!”
Good girl. Harder now.
“No… no no… fuck! mmmm…”
Rub it out, sweetie.
*giggle* No, no, no! *laughs*

You stopped. I’m impressed.
“I have class, honey!”
That’s supposed to be ‘sir’.
“I have class, SIR. You’re very naughty, SIR.”
Someone’s bratty today.
“Mmmhmm. Fuck, I do have to go.”
Why are you still wiggling?
“Cause I’m horny, SIR.” *giggles*

“Okay, honey. I’ll catch up with you later.”
You sure you don’t want to stay?
“Pussy wants to stay. Me? I have to go.”
Maybe I should just come over and fuck you stupid.
*laughs* “Down boy! I’m already gonna be late!”
You’ve got an A, plus if I fucked you stupid you won’t need class.
*giggles* “True. Okay mister, I-”
“f-f-fFUCKKK!” *squirms* *cums*
“Fuck!” *laughs* “Stop!!”

“Fuck… okay, I’m going.”
You’re already late.
“I know but I’m-”
“b-b… oh… no, no… oh, I-” *rubs*
Good girl. So diligent and cute.
“b-but… c-class…”
You’re not going to class. CUM.
“Ughhh! not… going… class… ugh…”
Good girl.

That’s it. Much easier this way.
Good girl. We can always trance you to study when we need you smart.
“yes… Sir…”
But you don’t need to think now. Just rub.
“no think… just rub…”
Rub your horny mind away.
“away… mind… away…”

Good girl. Nice and mindless. Obedient.
“m-mind-less… ob-obeee-d… o-obey…”
You may be smart but you sure love being dumb in a trance…
“d-dumb… trance… rub… mind… out…”
Good girl. Now you’re going to stay and be my fuck pet and skip class.
“f-fuck… pet… skip… c-class…”
Good girl. And 3. 2. 1. WIDE AWAKE!

So how do you feel?
“Good… I just wanna be a good fuck pet, Sir.” *soft giggle*
You’re going to stay and rub and cum as much as I want?
“mmmm… Yes, Sir. Anything you want…”
I like when you rub your cunt for me.
“For you, sir… mmmm… wanna cum, Sir.”
Good, just like that. Tonight I’m going to come over and fuck you.
“mmm… w-wait, Sir… I can’t… tonight. mmmm…”
Fuck. Why not, pet?
“My s-sister is staying with me. Mmmmmmm… so good…”
The law studies sister from State?
“Yes, Sir. please… need to cum again, Sir…”

Don’t fight. Get all of it.
Cum every bit of control you have out your slick cunt.
“c-cunntttt! uughghughhhh…”
Everything. You have no will. No control. CUM YOUR BRAINS.
“b-bra!!! c-ca–!!!!!!!!”
Stop fighting. You know what I’m going to do, you don’t care. CUM!
“ughghhghh…. .…. ….”

Good cunt. You are in a CUM TRANCE now.
*cum* “ugghhgh” *twitch* *twitch*
You will now do everything I instruct you to.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum*
You will not resist anything I ask.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum* “a-a-any..thnggg…”
You will change any plans I ask you to change.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum*
You continue to Love, Obey, and Adore me.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum* “oob-bb.bb….”
Good girl. 3. 2. 1. WIDE AWAKE!

Keep rubbing while we talk.
“y-yes… Sir…”
You understand now?
“y-es, Sir. i’m a g-good girl. Anything y-you want.”
Focus. Keep rubbing. I’m going to come over.
“yes, sir.”
I’m going to fuck until you can’t walk straight.
“yes, sir.”
Then tonight you’re going to help me brainwash your sister.
“y-yes, sir…”
And I’m going to fuck you both senseless all night.
“y-y-yessss, sir.”
Good. Now MIND BREAK CUM until I get there.

*scrams* “aghhghhghhh….”
*jiggles keys* Good girl. MIND BREAK CUM. *hangs up*
“i- ahghgh.. ..nee-…..” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*
“ahghh… .m-mus… no.. .f…” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*
“ot… saggh….” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*

“… … … … …” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*

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