“But try to put yourself in my shoes. You’re perpetuating stereotypes that are hurtful, when you talk about ‘gooks’ or ‘chinks’ or when you act like all Asian girls like being with white men, it just isn’t true. It’s just a stereotype and it’s offensive.” She’s almost shouting at this point and it’s kinda funny. She’s downed almost half the second beer and the flush is definitely showing on her tan cheeks.

“Stereotypes exist for a reason, don’t they? I mean, no one would’ve invented the idea that all oriental women like white dicks if there wasn’t some truth to it, would they?”

“That’s so ignorant. And stop calling us ‘oriental’ please. It’s ‘Asian-American’.”

“But what if I’m talking about someone from China? They’re not ‘Asian-American.’ ”

“Fine, yes, if you’re talking about a Chinese person, call them Chinese or Asian, just stop saying ‘oriental.’ ‘Oriental’ is a carpet, not a person.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Truth be told, I actually thought “oriental” was the PC term, but I guess these people keep changing what they want to be called without telling the rest of us, just to keep everyone guessing. “Anyway, it wouldn’t be a stereotype if all ‘Asian-American’ bitches did not in fact love white cock. Like I said.”

A bit more lewd than what I normally go for on this Tumblr, but damn if this story isn’t all kinds of fucked up hot.

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