Movie Night – HomeReBoot.html

Excerpt from my ongoing story Movie Night: The Line Begins To Blur

Naomi double clicked on the HomeReBoot file. A new window opened up, just random characters and scrambled text.

“Did you open it in the right program?” I leaned forward and squinted. The text was scrolling down, but it was still just gibberish.

“Mmmhmm.” Naomi had taken her hands off the keyboard and had begun rubbing herself again. “This is the right program for good girls…”

The text started to blur by. I couldn’t look away.

“And I’m a good girl…” Naomi sounded miles away.

There was a pattern I could almost make out. It was nearly strobe-like, flashing shapes too fast to discern…

Naomi is seated and I’m standing behind her. I’m bending down and kissing her deeply while she plays with herself. I’m cupping her tits, working my hands below her bra to feel her hard nipples. My cock pressing through my shorts, up against her back. Porn is playing on the computer loudly. Naomi seems to be breathing in time with the woman on screen.

I’m holding Naomi down and she’s smiling up at me, licking her lips. Her jeans are half off and I can see her red underwear, totally soaked through. I’m instructing her… about… something… telling her how dirty and perverted she is. She twitches her hips each time I call her a names. “Slut. Whore.” She begs me to make her a Good Girl. I tell her I will and she moans with pleasure. I pull my cock out and she grins at it and licks it and I can’t think anymore and she takes me deeper and I want to fill her cunt and I tell her and she moves faster.

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